ESG & Sustainability Companies South Africa

CT Up-Cycling Centre - A Hands of Honour venture

Creating jobs and award-winning ECD tools by upcycling unwanted /obsolete goods.
Corporations /Businesses act as our partners, ''donating '' their unwanted goods rather than send to landfill
Our Classroom on Wheels : Innovative solar-powered, modular teaching spaces which transform any area into a classroom for learning ECD , Hygiene and Teen Entrepreneurship

Type of company: Up-Cycling Waste/Obsolete stock
Primary business: Upcycling unwanted goods into early ECD Edu-Toys
Services: Waste Cleanup, Upcycling, Early Child Development, charitable donations, job creation
Employees: 14
Contact:Paul Talliard
Cell:+27 72 138 9150
Physical address: 2 Canal Way, Ottery, Ottery, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7800
Postal address: 17 Sonata Street Retreat, Retreat, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7945
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