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#GlobalFoodSecurity: Food Forward SA turns to digital solution in quest to reduce hunger

Food Forward South Africa has over the last two years developed a virtual platform that allows it to streamline how it carries out its mission...

By Sindy Peters 7 Dec 2017

#GlobalFoodSecurity: How Africa can feed itself and the world

Professor Adipala Ekwamu, executive secretary of the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RuForum), gave an inspiring keynote presentation at the third International Conference on Global Food Security held in Cape Town this week.

By Sindy Peters 7 Dec 2017

UN's Amina Mohammed stirs leadership to invest more in women and girls

UN deputy secretary-general Amina J. Mohammed delivered this year's Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture at the CTICC in Cape Town over the weekend...

By Sindy Peters 27 Nov 2017

#WindAc 2017: Do cats and windows kill more birds than wind turbines?

Yes, they do - cats and windows do kill more birds than wind turbines, but that's no reason to disregard the fact that wind turbines also kill birds...

By Sindy Peters 23 Nov 2017

#WindAc 2017: How to select a wind farm development site without compromising visual resources

There are many considerations to take into account when developing a wind farm, one of which is the impact on visual, aesthetic, and scenic resources in and around a potential location...

By Sindy Peters 21 Nov 2017

#WindAc 2017: Transition to renewables well under way

Today saw the start of WindAc Africa 2017 - the annual "academic hour for wind power" hosted by the South African Wind Energy Association...

By Sindy Peters 14 Nov 2017

#GBCSA2017: The potential for buildings to become mini utilities

The future of large public utilities, such as Eskom, is uncertain...

By Sindy Peters 20 Oct 2017

Buy a Bag of Hope - one way business can help SA's children succeed

Uzwelo Bags was launched with the goal of making a meaningful difference...

By Sindy Peters 19 Oct 2017

Flight Centre Foundation looks to tackle poverty through education

The Flight Centre Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty through education, running a number of relevant programmes...

By Sindy Peters 17 Oct 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: Hero in a half shell, SolarTurtle

Invented by social entrepreneur James van der Walt, the SolarTurtle recently scooped a win at the Inventors Garage at the 2017 SABC Education SA Innovation Summit, walking away with R10k.

By Sindy Peters 16 Oct 2017

#GBCSA2017: Rubble is a resource

One cubic metre of concrete has a carbon footprint of 350kg of CO2, making this staple material in the construction industry one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases in the world...

By Sindy Peters 12 Oct 2017

#GBCSA2017: De Lille calls on building sector to 'think differently' as city continues to tackle drought

Speaking at the GBCSA's 10th annual Green Building Convention, the executive mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille called on industry players to implement their projects while ensuring resilience and sustainability.

By Sindy Peters 11 Oct 2017

#GBCSA2017: Celebrating 10 years of green building in SA

Founded in 2007 by Bruce Kerswill, the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) turns 10 this year...

By Sindy Peters 11 Oct 2017

#EntrepreneurMonth: Want to be a property entrepreneur? Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone

Under the leadership of Durban-based property entrepreneur Grant Gavin, RE/MAX Panache in the North Durban suburbs went from annual property sales of R320m in 2006 to over R1bn in 2017...

By Sindy Peters 3 Oct 2017

#InnovationMonth: Propertuity, LOT-EK collaborate on SA's first large-scale residential container development

Property developer Propertuity partnered recently with New York-based architecture firm and upcycling experts LOT-EK in creating South Africa's first large-scale residential container development, Drivelines...

By Sindy Peters 28 Sep 2017

#InnovationMonth: This simple solution rolls a long way in ensuring water access in rural communities

More than 20 years since its inception, the low-tech Hippo Roller continues to have a profound impact on communities facing water insecurity...

By Sindy Peters 27 Sep 2017

#InnovationMonth: New proptech player makes show days more accessible is one of the latest entrants to the South African proptech scene. The platform allows home buyers, property investors and tenants to search for on show properties from around the country, removing some of the frustration from the home-buying/home-selling process...

By Sindy Peters 26 Sep 2017

#InnovationMonth: Here's an app that takes the frustration out of estate management

Founded in 2016, EstateMate was born out of the frustration often experienced by being a resident, owner and body corporate member in a residential estate...

By Sindy Peters 19 Sep 2017

#InnovationMonth: Stainless steel LCC brought into 21st century with app

According to Sassda executive director John Tarboton, one of the biggest obstacles to the specification of stainless steel in certain applications is the misperception that it's more expensive in comparison to other initially cheaper options...

By Sindy Peters 19 Sep 2017

#WomensMonth: How WomEng is displacing the glass ceiling to make room for more women in engineering

Why sit back and complain about life's challenges when you can actually do something about it?

By Sindy Peters 17 Aug 2017

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