Carmen Murray

Founder and Tech Visionary at Boo-Yah!
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa


Carmen Murray is the founder of Boo-yah! and has become a household name among marketing professionals as a result of her inspirational "masterclasses". These sessions have reached thousands of marketers across SA. Carmen has been an inspirational speaker at more than 100 events in 20 countries to a combined audience of over 21,000 people Industry Contributions and an array of local and international business schools.
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#FutureFit Yourself: "Voetsek," do you think I'm stupid?

Consumers crave brands that are authentic. They are not stupid, and they know when you are deceiving them...

By Carmen Murray 6 Dec 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: The art of persuasion w/ Kimberleigh Stark

Persuading a crowd, whether it's your customer, an audience at a conference, the board of directors or even a pitch to a possible client, requires the ability to make an impact with the art of persuasion and confidence...

By Carmen Murray 29 Nov 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: How to choose your DMP w/ Wayne Hull

As the technology stack grows year on year, it's becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to invest in the right DMP (data management platform). According to the 2018 MarTech Landscape from 2011 to 2018, finding the signal from the noise is not just a challenge for consumers, but it seems for marketers, publishers and businesses too...

By Carmen Murray 22 Nov 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: The power of podcast in the 21st century w/ Gavin Kennedy

Who could imagine that after all of these years, Steve Jobs was a prophet? In 2005 he made it clear that he will support podcasts on iTunes and he was unyielding that podcasts are the future...

By Carmen Murray 15 Nov 2018

#FutureFit Yourself: How to make innovation great again w/ Herman Singh

Carmen Murray interviews Herman Singh who unpacks the myths of disruptive innovation and explores what needs to be "spring cleaned" in our organisations to reap the blossoms of tomorrows profits...

By Carmen Murray 1 Nov 2018

Youth perspectives: Pet peeves and thrills of brand content on social media

It's time for the millennials to step aside, because Generation Z, the most connected generation of our time has already entered the workforce...

By Carmen Murray 15 Oct 2018

Let's get phygital: How to protect yourself from the unconscious flow of data

We now live in an age where our physical selves live along our digital selves. What you do offline is shared online and "peacocking" has become prevalent for digital citizens of the 21st century...

By Carmen Murray 9 Oct 2018

Welcome to the era of the matriarch

Faith Popcorn, the Nostradamus of marketing and most accurate futurist, called it out in her book, "Eve"olution in 2000 about how women would rise and revolutionise society. While we still have a long way to go, our society has reached a tipping point. Women are calling for gender parity, especially in previously male-dominated industries such as Stem...

By Carmen Murray 10 Aug 2018

Do you know what it takes to build a 21st-century brand?

With the rise of the connected individual, marketers must re-think the way they build a brand to be future fit for the digital savvy consumers...

By Carmen Murray 12 Jun 2018

11 valuable lessons from 11 wonder women in digital

Carmen Murray, shines a light on some of the female trailblazers bucking the digital trend in South Africa...

By Carmen Murray 14 Feb 2018

How the thunderbolts of transformation impact the future of work

With the hype around the fourth industrial revolution, AI, robotics and what this means for our careers, Carmen Murray, articulates how this impacts the future of work...

By Carmen Murray 8 Feb 2018

Free masterclass: Fundamentals to disrupt and delight by activating brand purpose

What if I tell you there are ways for brands to find a way to bring two economies together. I believe brands have the power to unleash something bigger and better than what we have ever envisioned...

By Carmen Murray, Issued by Mobitainment 31 May 2017

To app or not to app

The smartphone continues to revolutionise our lives and it has become a central part of our existence of society. It offers us an all-in-one approach to manage our day-to-day lives...

By Carmen Murray, Issued by Mobitainment 11 Aug 2016

The three H's of brand purpose

How times have changed for marketing? Not too long ago, reaching out to customers was easy and accessible. All you had to do was to take your product to advertising platforms like TV, radio and print and our job was done..

By Carmen Murray, Issued by Mobitainment 30 Jun 2016

A 'mobile safari' inspired by the Big 5

The Mobile Migration of smartphones has begun, and herds graze through the pastures of a connected world, and the "smartphone herds" are increasing as the sun rises and sets...

By Carmen Murray, Issued by Mobitainment 11 Jan 2016

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