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Kenya's cybercrimes law restricts media freedom
Kenya's cybercrimes law restricts media freedom

More criticism of Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta's signing into law, a Computer and Cybercrimes Law that restricts freedom of speech...

1 day ago

Legislative reforms still needed in Gambia
Legislative reforms still needed in Gambia

Gambia declares criminal defamation unconstitutional, keeps some laws on sedition, false news...

1 day ago

CPJ joins 64 NGOs in calling on Tanzanian government to respect human rights

CPJ, along with 64 other global non-governmental organisations, has written to Tanzanian President John Magufuli to express concern about a worrying decline in human rights and freedom of expression...

16 May 2018

Kenyan president should not sign cybercrime bill into law

Kenyan legislators have passed a wide-ranging bill that will criminalise free speech, with journalists and bloggers likely to be among the first victims if it is signed into law...

15 May 2018

UN urges release of Mauritanian blogger

UN experts urge immediate release of detained Mauritanian blogger eligible for release on time-served...

10 May 2018

Cameroon arrests radio journalist

Cameroon military court orders radio journalist to be held for at least six months...

9 May 2018

Burundi bans BBC, VOA ahead of May 17 referendum

Burundi ordered a six-month ban on the broadcast operations of international networks, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Voice Of America (VOA)...

9 May 2018

R2K reflect on issues affecting the media on World Press Freedom Day

R2K has issued a statement reflecting on happenings over the past year (and current ones) affecting the media in South Africa and Africa as a whole, on World Press Freedom Day...

3 May 2018

#WorldPressFreedomDay: Freedom to do journalism

Africa's gift to the world - World Press Freedom Day every 3 May - keeps giving. Today, this freedom is possibly more relevant than ever...

By Guy Berger 3 May 2018

Tanzania cracks down on freedom of speech

Tanzania: authorities seek to muffle protests...

1 May 2018

Freedom of expression 'deteriorating' under Magufuli

Tanzania's new law regulating online-related content is continuing to generate protest. Critics say President John Magufuli is deliberately targeting freedom of expression...

23 Apr 2018

Journalist found stabbed and killed in Liberia

Journalist murdered amid deteriorating conditions for the media in Liberia...

20 Apr 2018

Trial against Angolan journalists held behind closed doors

Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned with developments in the trial against Angolan journalists...

18 Apr 2018

NMT condemns spy agency for gagging Patriot

The Namibia Media Trust (NMT) has condemned an attempt this week by the Namibia Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) to censor and silence the media...

17 Apr 2018

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