Sarah Heck, an advisor on international entrepreneurship and youth programs to the Obama Foundation and head of entrepreneurship at Stripe.
Why Africa's youth should be encouraged to launch tech startups

'Focus on tackling Africa's greatest challenges through entrepreneurship...'

By Tom Jackson 5 hours ago

Fak'ugesi Digital Africa Residency expanded
Fak'ugesi Digital Africa Residency expanded

The Fak'ugesi African Digital Residency programme goes trans-continental in 2018...

1 day ago

Ensuring all African businesses benefit from AfCFTA, Agenda 2030

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa promotes use of disruptive technology to enhance financial inclusion in Africa...

1 day ago

6 reasons why good content is important for your business

Content should be one (or all) of three things, namely, entertaining, interesting or useful. Here are six good reasons why it's important for your business...

By Candace Bosch 2 days ago

Remarketing 101: Understanding what it is...

Have you cottoned on to one of the best and easiest routes to boosting conversion rates and driving sales? The intelligent way to re-engage customers and prospective clients? The great way to maximise on your current advertising spend? Are you remarketing yet?

By JG Bezuidenhout 2 days ago

Egypt's Flareinn provides a marketplace for MENA art

Egyptian startup Flareinn has developed an online marketplace for art, connecting young artists with potential customers...

By Tom Jackson 10 Aug 2018

Nigerian B2B venture builder Zone Tech Park launches

Zone Tech Park, a new venture builder for start-ups in Nigeria, has officially opened for business...

8 Aug 2018

Mobile loan solutions

Paylater, the mobile app providing Nigerian consumers with access to credit, has reached 1 million downloads...

8 Aug 2018

Video games from Africa go global

Video games made-in-Africa reach the global scene during Devcom, ahead of Gamescom 2018...

7 Aug 2018

Google to provide free high speed Wifi in Nigeria

In a bid to make the internet more easily accessible to people in Nigeria, Google announced the launch of Google Station: a program to provide high quality, high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots...

7 Aug 2018

The social path to optimising your content marketing efforts

Your business having a social presence is all good and well, but if there's no strategy in place, you're wasting your time and potentially damaging your reputation...

By Jessica Tennant 7 Aug 2018

The need for the advertising industry to modernise

There has long been a need for the advertising industry to modernise. Now digital transformation is upon us and change is non-negotiable. At the same time, the industry is facing disruption from new entrants...

By Alistair Mokoena 3 Aug 2018

Analysis of Zimbabwe's "online propaganda war"

"A vicious online propaganda war that includes fake news" was being waged in Zimbabwe ahead of the elections on 30 July...

By Dumisani Moyo 2 Aug 2018

#CEMAfrica2018: Why we need to talk about emotion in the boardroom

In the first keynote session of the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Africa Summit 2018, Diane Magers of the CXPA explained how to build and execute a CX strategy in an ROI-driven world. Here's what you missed...

By Leigh Andrews 1 Aug 2018

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