Agricultural conference and study tour–Western Cape

Location-Western Cape: The Western Cape's agriculture is distinguished in several ways from that in the rest of South Africa, largely because of the physical resource differences.

The winter rainfall region of the Boland and the year-round rainfall of the Southern Cape provide agricultural conditions that make the crop mix and productive potential unique. A main feature of the region's agriculture is production stability, based on stable and relatively adequate winter rainfall and supported by well-developed infrastructure for both input supply and output processing. Agriculture is one of the primary pillars of the Western Cape economy. Although the province contributes some 14% to the country's Gross Domestic Product, it generates about 23% of the total value added of the agricultural sector in South Africa, which was R50 billion. As many as 11 commodities contribute significantly to agricultural production, with fruit, poultry/eggs, winter grains, viticulture and vegetables together comprising more than 75% of total output. Consequently, diversity of agricultural enterprises also contributes to agriculture's general stability.

Introduction: Embark on a trip and join Empire Conferencing on a 6-day dynamic and practical farm tour where you will have behind the scenes opportunity to learn how we aim to GROW, FEED, EDUCATE and GIVE BACK. Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape is ideally positioned and has the perfect blend of cutting-edge agricultural technology, production and research to offer you a very enlightening tour!

Explore where modern agriculture begins... The Agricultural Edu Tour aims to create an experience of hands on training through leading farming practices, compelling success stories through farmer experience and live onsite demonstrations using cutting edge precision technologies. This insightful educational tour will offer young graduates, emerging and commercial farmers, agriculturists and agronomists the opportunity to join LEADING agriculturist experts who help feed millions of people through the different facets of agriculture.
Behind rolling mountains and the beautiful scene of winelands and sweeping wine estates. Connect and
• Meet the farmers who grow food organically through hydroponics and aquaponics
• See and touch the high-tech tools farmer's use. From smart greenhouses to irrigation tools
• Explore AI driven farming practices through Robotics, drones and Robot Tractors for better soil/crop protection and climate change
• Imagine the future of modern/smart farming
• Avoid soil depletion through live regenerative practices
Stellenbosch's thriving agricultural community of farmers offers vineyards, ranches and everything in between, which means ample opportunities to sharpen your culinary skills or muddy up your boots.

Looking forward to being your host for the Agri Edu-Tour 2022
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Dates may vary depending on departments/organizations availability.

Date: 31 January 2022 to 05 February 2022
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Venue: Protea Hotel by Marriott Stellenbosch, Cape Town
Cost: R11,999.00

Contact: Ravin Jagesar
Company name: Empire Conferencing & Training Pty Ltd
Telephone number: 0825719292
Email address az.oc.gniniarteripme@jnivar

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