Pepsi's SA arrival campaign

Who do they think they are...?
What was going on with Pepsi's marketing team to allow an ad featuring David Beckham welcoming Pepsi back into South Africa? What made them think that a well-known English soccer player would be in a position to welcome them into South Africa? At least they could have used the word "congratulations" instead of "welcome back".

It's the same thing done by South African advertising agencies using male models from other African countries in their quest to sell their products.

If you took time to know your market you would know that South African men have a problem with these men. If you believed that one is rocking your boat but not in a good way, would you support that brand?

Marketers should stop using global campaigns that will not be effective because they are trying to cut down on costs. Advertisers should start being honest with clients. They should also start learning more about their target market traits.

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