AMASA invites new members

It’s time for AMASA members to renew their subscriptions and for new members to join and benefit from a full year of activities. AMASA is committed to becoming more representative of South Africa’s demographic profile and as such is encouraging black members from the advertising and marketing industry to join the association and contribute their skills and knowledge on all levels.
AMASA is a section 21 company whose main objective is to educate and raise levels of advertising media professionalism throughout South Africa. A committee of 12 volunteers who are elected annually by the AMASA membership runs the Association. Each new committee member will be allocated a specific portfolio, and will be challenged to broaden AMASAs human capital resources by inviting additional volunteers, specifically those of colour, to contribute to their sub-committees.

Currently, membership of AMASA is roughly 25% black and 75% white and attendance at the bi-annual educational workshops reflects a similar split. A really encouraging statistic, which shows promise for the future of our industry, indicates that well over 50% of the students enrolled to study both part and full time for an AMASA diploma last year in Johannesburg and Cape Town were of colour.

To encourage these young students to join and participate in the Association, AMASA has introduced cut-price student membership fees. AMASA is offering student members a massive 80% discount to persuade them to be members and enjoy the same facilities of corporate and individual members, for R90.00 per annum.

To cover increasing administrative costs, there is marginal 5% increase in membership fees this year. Corporate membership requires an investment R800.00 plus R325,00 per person whilst individual membership is R430.00 per person.

AMASA members enjoy:

  • free entry to the monthly meetings, where they will be addressed by top class speakers on a variety of topics;
  • unprecedented networking opportunities
  • preferential bookings and discounted rates at the educational workshops
  • regular AMASA newsletters
  • discounted rates for the annual AMASA social function.

    So, if you’re a marketer, media owner, media planner or buyer, become an AMASA member today and if you’re interested in ‘making a difference’ to your industry, volunteer for inclusion on one of the sub-committees. Contact Daleen at for further information or to volunteer your services and time.
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