Kevin Fitzgerald: Too good not to share

Hot on the heels of his recent Tracker commercial, Egg's Kevin Fitzgerald has just finished two deliciously naughty spots for Beechies.
Kevin Fitzgerald: Too good not to share
Under the guidance of Hello World Creative Director, Theo Ferreira, creatives Gareth o' Callaghan and Aadil Dahlech came up with the new brand premise: "Too good not to share."

The TV commercials are based on real stories that are just that: too good to keep to yourself. The two spots, featuring loads of scantily clad ladies, some skinny-dipping and a naked dude on a scooter, were shot over one day and three cold nights in Cape Town.

Despite all the obvious perks of working on such, ahem, entertaining scripts, there were quite a few challenges too. Kevin had to use captivating shorthand to do the stories justice, without losing any of the truth in the details. It was also mid-winter and one of the main cast members was wearing nothing but, for lack of a better description, a banana hammock.

"The main thing was the cast getting to grips with all that nudity and getting comfortable," says Kevin "and then there was the challenge of getting a performance out of [the actors] despite the cold."

For Kevin it was mainly the humour and potential of the stories that attracted him to the scripts; but the casting sessions couldn't have been too bad either.

View spots here

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