The ABF gets mobi

In partnership with Cibr8 Media and Silverstone CIS, the ABF is launching its own mobi site this month to take its marketing effectiveness to the next level. Distribution of the ABF's marketing communications and interaction with members and potential members will be instant, at the click of a button.
Initiated and facilitated by Cibr8 Media and developed and hosted by Silverstone CIS at no charge to the ABF, the mobi site will assist the ABF in growing its member base, enable instant delivery promotional campaigns, membership drives and call-to-action for events.

The ABF agreed to adopt the sponsored technology as it offers a cost saving by marketing directly to prospective contributors. Updates on event details, maps, promotions and the distribution of the ABF's initiatives will be made public in just minutes.

Sharlene Vallance from the ABF says, "The mobile platform enables us to extend our presence with instant promotions to the industry and build the ABF brand by taking our mission to our member's handsets. We believe the platform will also boost membership thanks to the built in payment system. Prospective members will be able to instantly fund their contributions within moments."

The ABF believes that the payment functionality enables them to harness the spirit generated at their events by offering mobile membership on-the-spot sign-ups, cutting down on admin time and cost.

The eight page Mobi Site features pages for the ABF's background, contact details and promotions. The site has the capability to run short key word promotions and opt-in functionality to receive member communication.

"We're so excited to go live with the new tools and are most grateful to Cibr8 Media and Silverstone CIS for their contribution. They freely gave us their time and expertise to enable us to rally further support for the great work the ABF continues to provide," concludes Vallance.

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