Digital Kungfu delivers digital adoption campaign - 4 weeks, 170 software trials and 1 million impressions

Tech moves fast. You have to move faster
We live in a world of exponentially increasing technology advancements. What this means for technology businesses is that delaying go-to-market strategies by as little as a few weeks can mean losing your competitive advantage.

Digital Kungfu delivers digital adoption campaign - 4 weeks, 170 software trials and 1 million impressions

To deliver on a successful go-to-market campaign, your message is just as important as getting to market fast. Painting an attention-grabbing picture of how your technology product transforms the end-customers business within the limited real estate of a banner and amidst the considerable noise of digital marketing is crucial for success.

Finding a partner with the right skill set to get you to market quickly - without compromising on quality - is not a nice to have, it’s essential to deliver any successful digital adoption campaign in the tech sector.

Microsoft and GoDaddy engaged Digital Kungfu, the fastest gun in tech, and Africa’s Best Tech Startup (Africa Tech Week), to deploy a go-to-market campaign geared to deliver new users and trials to an e-commerce landing page, and position Microsoft and GoDaddy as leaders in their categories.

GoDaddy is the world’s largest services platform for entrepreneurs. Their mission is to empower entrepreneurs everywhere by giving them all the help and tools they need to grow online.

One such tool is Microsoft 365. A modern workplace solution to improve productivity, and enable seamless communication and collaboration across locations, devises and platforms while maintaining systems and data security and integrity.

Together, Microsoft and GoDaddy had put together a compelling email offer and sought to share it with South African entrepreneurs.

The challenges

Digital Kungfu had under four weeks to deliver on this campaign – from concept to conclusion. This meant strict adherence to project timelines and late nights for the creative team responsible for copy, art direction and design.

The results

The team rose to the challenge, producing three strong communication routes and branded content that was designed to raise awareness, educate prospects and drive conversion simultaneously. In fewer than 10 words Digital Kungfu was able to convey to the target audience how professional email from Microsoft and GoDaddy is accessible, affordable and enhances credibility.

The campaign went live on Google Display and Facebook and, in under four weeks, generated over 1,000,000 impressions and almost 8,500 click through’s to the e-commerce landing page. Through continued optimisation of the campaign, Digital Kungfu was able to deliver these results cost effectively – at just 12% of the industry average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook and 27% of the industry average for Google Display.

The campaign generated over 170 trials, representing performance to target of 300%.

Digital Kungfu delivers digital adoption campaign - 4 weeks, 170 software trials and 1 million impressions

Digital Kungfu
Digital Kungfu
Digital Kungfu is a storytelling production company made up of a devoted team of content ninjas that specialise in bringing brands to life and generating new leads and growing your business.

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