Helping older patients understand pharmaceutical labels

As we get older our eyesight tends to deteriorate, making reading very small text extremely hard. Because most pharmaceutical labels are generally quite small, this can lead to the potential problem of medications being accidentally misused.
Helping older patients understand pharmaceutical labels

Medication is only safe when it’s taken in the way it’s intended and at the correct dosages. And, no matter how benign the medication may seem, any kind of medicine can have serious side effects if dosage instructions aren’t correctly followed.

Because of this, manufacturers must include all the required information on their labels to help patients avoid misuse and take their medication safely. But how do you get all this information into the space available on-pack in a way that makes it easy for the elderly to use it correctly?

Explore different labelling options

While it may be tempting to try and cram as much information onto the label as possible, the risk is ending up with text that’s too small and difficult to read.

Fix-a-Form booklet labels, available from Pyrotec PackMedia, are ideal for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors because they can include way more information than a conventional label. This gives manufacturers the much-needed space to include warnings, advice and side effects, as well as essential dosage guidance.

The Fix-a-Form booklet label system can be adapted to suit any product or container and solves a multitude of packaging challenges. Whilst occupying only the space used by a standard self-adhesive label, booklet labels provide almost unlimited space for legislated information, user instructions and warnings.

An additional benefit of Fix-a-Form booklet labels for senior consumers is that not only can font sizes be increased but contrasting colours can also be used to improve legibility without having any impact on legal requirements, the packaging’s visual appeal, design elements, or the product’s branding.

Pyrotec specialises in industry-leading product identification solutions. Our extensive service offering includes a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack identification, informational and promotional devices, and self-adhesive products for offices and homes.

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