Creating connections with consumers

While Covid-19 has changed consumers' buying habits, brand owners continue to shift their understanding of how to create meaningful experiences for consumers using their products' packaging.
Understanding emerging consumers – the speakers of the digital language of computers, videos, video games and social media – is about more than just the four traditional Ps of marketing (product, price, place and promotion). We now need to also consider the five Is (instrumental, interconnected, informed, in place and immediate):

Creating connections with consumers

Smartphones are instrumental in the way consumers now shop because it’s the smartphone that triggers a physical interaction with the digital world. To do this brand owners use QR codes printed on the packaging, built-in near-field communication (NFC), and highly visual augmented reality (AR) systems.


Today’s consumers know more about what they’re buying than anyone has ever been able to know before because of the research they do. They have different expectations of privacy, they expect brands to demonstrate social responsibility, they’re willing to pay for exclusive experiences, they want to be entertained, and they want to collaborate and be recognised.


We walk around with smartphones in our bags or pockets, enabling us to be interconnected – a community. And today’s emerging consumers want to be part of a community and connect with others who share the same values as they do. They also want their packaging to be more experiential and something they can share with their online tribes.

In place

Shoppers are looking for contextual information. They are shopping in-store with their phones in their hands. They want offers made specifically for them in the place where they are, and in context with their buying behaviours and values.

Connected consumers are not only informed but they’re also looking for solutions-based or functional, hard-working packaging that wows at point of sale. In other words, packaging that makes a statement – whether emotional, practical, rational or irrational – and fills a need in consumers’ lives.


Everything is immediate and product offers should be too. Instant gratification is a big driving force behind the way people do things today – ‘I want to buy it now’ or ‘I want that offer now’.

Create a connection

Pyrotec PackMedia is an innovative, forward-thinking brand that understands the need for its customers to connect more effectively with consumers. To help products make a statement at point of sale, Pyrotec PackMedia offers an array of solutions – including QR codes, AR systems and NFC tags – that demonstrate social responsibility, offer exclusive experiences through customisation and targeted communication, and entertain consumers while providing an opportunity for collaboration.

Pyrotec specialises in industry-leading product identification solutions. Our extensive service offering includes a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack identification, informational and promotional devices, and self-adhesive products for offices and homes.

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