Award-winning brand, Digital Kungfu, launches innovative technology group, Black Swan Technology Holdings

Through a new group of companies, Black Swan Technology Holdings will deliver a compelling economic future for technology businesses across the globe.
Award-winning brand, Digital Kungfu, launches innovative technology group, Black Swan Technology Holdings

The founders of Digital Kungfu, winner of Africa’s Best Tech Start-up in 2019, have shifted their attention and growth strategy to a global stage with the launch of Black Swan Technology Holdings, a group of technology businesses that support the growth and positive impact of the technology sector.

“In March 2020, as we watched the world and South Africa head into lockdown, we made the decision to accelerate our own growth plans instead of just concentrating on survival,” says Matt Brown, CEO of Black Swan Technology Holdings. “We focused on building and launching innovative new platforms and built a 2024 Vivid Vision that reaches across four regions: Africa, the US, the UK and Asia.”

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Game-changing solutions

Since its launch in 2016, Digital Kungfu has been an innovative business disrupting the status quo in digital marketing.

“We focused exclusively on the technology sector and developed our own proprietary storytelling technology that allowed us to generate sales-ready lead pipelines for technology businesses that were consistent and delivered a measurable return on investment,” explains Brown.

This specialised focus on technology has given Digital Kungfu’s team a deep understanding of the technology sector and the various challenges that technology businesses face, particularly in the areas of sales and marketing, customer management, and lead generation and management.

“We have always believed in solving our challenges in-house,” says Brown. “Our solutions, methodologies and systems are unique because we have custom-built the platforms we need to deliver value to our clients. 2020 was the year that we refined these solutions and started launching them into the market. It is now time to bring these technology businesses under one strong brand that we can launch and grow internationally.”

Delivering a compelling economic future

The commercial strategy of Black Swan Technology Holdings focuses on helping technology businesses around the world to grow their own brands and revenue, increasing their positive impact on their local markets and customers.

“Our mission is simple,” says Brown. “We believe that technology has the power to create a compelling economic future for all humanity and we sit at the epicentre of the technology ecosystem. Through our different platforms, we exist to envision and create a compelling economic future for our people, our customers and the markets that we serve.”

The growing portfolio of Black Swan Technology Holdings is made up of energised, edgy and authoritative challenger brands. This has been Digital Kungfu’s mandate since its launch, and its sister companies approach business and change in the same way. The portfolio includes Pipeline GeneratorTM and FireSaleHardwareTM, both launched in 2020, and the soon-to-be revealed TechLeadBayTM, and TechDealNetworkTM.

“We adopt a growth mindset at all times and believe that the bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity for us to achieve,” says Brown.

‘Trident of Poseidon’ commercial strategy

According to Brown, Black Swan Technology Holdings is built on a ‘Trident of Poseidon’ commercial strategy designed to drive revenue growth across the group using a combination of demand generation, pipeline acceleration and proprietary platform technology.

Digital KungfuTM, the group’s demand generation business delivers consistent and replicable sales-qualified pipeline every month for its technology customers.

Pipeline GeneratorTM, a pipeline generation and digital skills upliftment program, ensures that tech companies remain relevant in terms of pipeline generation through skills upliftment, training and digital enablement.

FireSaleHardwareTM, which launched in November 2020, is a hardware marketplace that bridges the gap between businesses looking for affordable technology, and brands that have surplus stock and need to focus on their newest models.

TechLeadBayTM, which will be launching soon, is the group’s ‘hive intelligence company,’ a growth engine that supports the shift in lead generation, customer management and lead management that Digital Kungfu has built its own successful proprietary systems on.

“We believe behavioural intelligence is the future of B2B marketing, because business isn’t B2C or B2B – it’s H2H – human to human,” says Brown. “TechLeadBayTM will change the way technology businesses engage with their customers.”

TechDealNetworkTM, launching in the first quarter of 2021, is a truly decentralised, autonomous workforce platform that enables SaaS businesses to access borderless sales resources and create demand for their products at the click of a button, and at a fraction of the cost of employing a sales team themselves.

Local talent and global ambitions

Black Swan Technology Holdings is not entering the market to play small. “We don’t believe in doing anything unless we see a clear game-changing solution that we can deliver,” says Brown. “If we can’t be the Category King in each of the segments we launch in, we focus on something else instead. We don’t want to be just another player in the market – our goal is to always change the way the game is played.”

The business’s resilience, intelligent intuition and visionary leadership has combined to create a proven track record of pioneering accomplishments that Black Swan Technology Holdings now aims to take to the world. Following Digital Kungfu’s successful launch in the UK in September 2020, focus is now shifting to the US, followed by Asia.

“Our leadership philosophy is clear: We believe that every person on our collective team is as talented and as brilliant as the next, has the same capacity for transformational growth and pioneering accomplishments. We remind each other of this fact on a daily basis, and our senior leadership is chosen primarily for their ability to envision the future, while their teams are empowered to bring their visions into reality.

“This is the team that will bring Black Swan Technology Holdings to the world,” says Brown. “Given our goal is to change the world, work is not something that we do, it’s something we live. We won’t work with non-technology-related businesses, and we refuse to think small.”

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