New Covid facilities at Ahmen Al Kadi Hospital in Durban

Muslims for Humanity (MfH) got a distress call from Ahmed Al Kadi Hospital (AAKH) to assist in setting up a Covid Reception and Receiving Facility (CRRF) at AAKH.
New Covid facilities at Ahmen Al Kadi Hospital in DurbanNew Covid facilities at Ahmen Al Kadi Hospital in Durban
The Covid Reception and Receiving Facility as set up by NMJ at Ahmed Al Kadi Hospital.

Immediately the Natal Memon Jamaat (NMJ) was contacted by MfH to assist in setting up the CRRF at AAKH and they (NMJ) literally took over this task with open arms.

This project was completed within eight hours from conception and has been operational from Friday, 1 January 2021 at AAKH. This first of a kind facility will allow Covid positive patients to be assessed and made comfortable before admission to AAKH. In fact, during the past 48 hours, critically ill patients were waiting outside AAKH in cars without medical assistance awaiting spare beds at this state of the art facility.

Project coordinator, Imraan Jooma of the NMJ, welcomed the opportunity to work with other humanitarian associations and thanked Ebrahim Asmal, of AAKH for being a pillar of strength during the few hours it took to set up this 20-bed facility. This facility, besides being manned by professional medical interns, is equipped with oxygenators and oxymetres amongst other medical equipment, some of which was supplied by Caring Sisters Network (CSN).

An MfH executive member, who coincidentally is a director of AAKH, also applauded the success of working together with other stakeholders and was extremely complementary to the commitment shown by the NMJ and AAKH in this project.

Dr Ayoob Bux, appreciative chairman of AAKH, thanked both MfH and especially the NMJ, together with the team at AAKH for all their efforts in completing this CRRF in record-breaking time. Stated Bux: “This pandemic is posing a severe challenge on both physical and human resources and unfortunately most hospitals, besides having a shortage of space at the moment, are also short of suitable equipment to treat Covid patients.” Bux also commented that besides following basic safety rules, the spirit of Ubuntu in our community is the primary factor that will allow South Africans to jointly overcome the impact of Covid on society.

“The day facility tent at AAKH has proven to be a success, filling the gap for those patients requiring care but not overnight hospitalisation. Patients are able to access the care and treatment required in a hospital setting with the relevant specialist available and onsite to properly assess and manage them. We pray this will free up beds for the more sick patients,” concluded Ebrahim Asmal, hospital manager.

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