Why Gen Z needs to be the focus of your digital marketing

Today's workplaces are in a unique position as there is such a diverse mix of generations. Baby boomers - who were born between 1946 and 1964 - sit across the desk from Generation X'ers - who were born between 1965 and 1980. On the other side of the office are the millennials who are now anything between 39 and 24.

What’s extremely interesting to note is the occurrence of reverse mentoring. While the ‘traditional’ form of mentoring had older, more experienced people passing on their skills to younger employees, now these younger employees are having to teach the older employees about vital communication channels such as social media and instant messaging.

A fourth generation – Generation Z – is now entering the workplace. Born from 1997 onwards, the eldest of this stratum of the population are now 23. They have just finished university – or other tertiary qualifications – and are now looking to get jobs. “These people,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director of the Digital School of Marketing, “are what’s termed, digital natives. They’ve grown up with mobile devices being the norm rather than the exception. They are used to finding what they need to on the Internet which means that if you want to see your business thrive, you’re going to need to capture this section of the market which has a growing earning potential.”

How to market to Generation Z

Competition in the marketplace is fiercer than ever before. No longer are you competing with just your competitors in your country, now you are competing with people from all across the world. “What this means is that there is more choice. So if people don’t like what you’re selling, they can go to your competitors who will probably sell them what they need – and at a lower price than you,” says Schneider.

This means that you’ve got to make yourself stand out. Generation Z can get anything but how you can capture their attention is by creating an experience around your product that enchants as well as delights them. In addition, you need to make video an integral part of your marketing mix. People – especially Generation Z – engage more with video than any other form of media on the Internet. You can see this by the fact that YouTube is the second-most popular search engine to Google.

Baby boomers as well as generations X and millennials may have a superior earning power to that of Generation Z. However, the length of time that they have left to make any purchases is limited. This is why to ensure the sustainability of your business, you need to get Generation Z on your side.

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