Grid Worldwide and IIE-Vega partner on New Normal Flag competition

To celebrate Youth Month, Grid Worldwide in partnership with The IIE's Vega School launched a New Normal Flag competition targeting all IIE-Vega students, which was part of Grid Worldwide's youth campaign called "The Kids will Rebuild".
“We believe the youth will be responsible for reimagining and rebuilding our future, especially a future post-Covid-19. We asked the IIE-Vega students to imagine what a New Normal flag would look like - a flag for humanity, one to unite us all globally,” says David Cohen, Joint CEO and Partner of Grid Worldwide.

“A flag for humanity signifies our trust in the youth and their ability to co-create and lead new and better ways of thinking and doing. It is a privilege to collaborate with Grid on this significant project – a bold and committed step,” says Dr Carla Enslin, Head of Strategy and New Business Development, IIE-Vega.

Grid Worldwide and IIE-Vega partner on New Normal Flag competition

The judging panel led by Chairman and Founder of Grid Worldwide, Nathan Reddy, has shortlisted 10 entries that will go into a live poll across both Grid Worldwide and IIE-Vega social media platforms on Wednesday, 22 July, of which a top six will be selected.

Judging will then reconvene to nominate a top three and the top three entrants will present their final entries live to the judging panel after which a winner will be selected and announced.

“At IIE-Vega we encourage our students to reimagine and not settle for anything that doesn’t set their soul on fire, and this brief from Grid is helping them to do just that! What a great initiative, that we are very proud to be a part of!" concludes Anli Grobler, Senior Academic Navigator, IIE-Vega.

Grid Worldwide is also proud to announce that the winning student will win a six-month paid internship at the agency with hope of turning into full-time employment.

“Amidst a difficult time for everyone during the pandemic and a declining economy, our aim was to give one student a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Currently we have no less that 10 Veganites working at Grid and have a huge amount of respect for the talent Vega produces,” says Jiniel Kandasamy, Grid Worldwide's youngest Creative Partner aged 32 years.

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