We believe no one is too small to make a difference

At Grid Worldwide, we will always initiate actions that demonstrate cultural priorities. We will always be explicit about what matters and what we stand for. Our June 16 2020 Youth Day Translators Campaign pays homage to the youth and struggles of '76.

“Today, Miss Universe is from South Africa, and she’s as black as they were. Junior Ngcobo, AKA Nasty C, recently signed with a big record label in the US. Siya Kolisi, a young boy from Zwide, achieved the impossible, winning the hearts and minds of the world and our third RWC trophy. The voice and opinions of Trevor are heard every week by the whole world today. There are over a million examples I can make on this,” confesses Kagiso Tshepe, creative director and create lead of the campaign.

“As the ‘make it mean something company’, we are about walking the talk. It’s time to act on what needs to change about our country and how we behave,” concludes Masego Motsogi, MD of Grid Worldwide.

“As young people in South Africa, we have so much to be grateful for. I wrote this myself. In this very language. This is it. A thing that would have not happened for me if they didn’t take to the streets on that day,” says Tshepe.

Our folly would be in forgetting what this day is truly about. We developed this piece of communication for that purpose. To keep us grounded and grateful.

Shout out to the youth of ’76. Danko, from the Make It Mean Something Company.

Grid Worldwide
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