Humancentric: Technology fails unless it means something to someone

"In a world of 4IR fatigue, Mike brings a new perspective that we should be paying attention to." - Rich Mullholland
Humancentric: Technology fails unless it means something to someone
We’re standing at a precipice; technology is ready to break new grounds and drastically improve our lives. There are grand expectations for what’s to come in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but understanding how to make technology human-centric will be the difference.

If technology adds no value to us as people, it is doomed to fail. But, should it succeed, it has the potential to define our future, our profit lines and the everyday lives of our customers who use it. This book provides a rock-solid framework for building a business that will thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the new environment it will usher in.

Brett StClair, Teraflow CEO, and ex-Googler, had this to say about Humancentric: “When it comes to technology books, so many authors have specialised in niche areas of specialisation. Very few provide an overarching guide to transform your business on a digital plane. Mike is uniquely positioned and experienced to share his secret sauce - a complete framework for human-centred digital transformation. It brings a much-needed human element into the Fourth Industrial Revolution conversation because as he says, 'Technology fails unless it means something to someone.'"

The book tackles an enormously challenging topic, says Heavy Chef CEO Fred Roed. It unpacks the intersection of technology and humanity. “With this book, Mike combines great storytelling with a handy methodology to offer the reader a guide to doing business in these fascinating times,” says Fred.

In international reviews, Urs Bucher from TEDx in Zurich says, Humancentric is seen distilling the essence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution we live in. Mike details out the five key drivers of transformation, makes us understand that their combination is more powerful than simply adding up them one by one. He spices up the theoretical aspects with easy-to-understand real-life examples. Last but not least he reminds us that digital transformation is about transformation in the first place and digital is "just" the tool that allows us to do so.

Finally, Mushambi Mutuma had this to say about the book: “It's not often in the world of technology and brand-building that we hear new thoughts and ideas, especially in today's world of buzzwords and on-trend business topics. It seems we've heard it all — the same examples, opinions and predictions.”

In discussing his book, Mike Saunders, CEO of Digitlab, says, “It’s taken me 10 years to discover and unpack something new for the digital economy. I never wanted to write something for the sake of writing a book. I wanted to add something new and useful to the digital conversation. This book, I believe, presents a new way to look at the digital economy that will create better businesses in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Mike is a straight-talker, one who does not beat around the proverbial bush. Time is valuable, and it is rare to see the kind of advice, that large consultancies charge millions of dollars for, available in a light-hearted fun read that will position you and your business to win in digital.

Humancentric is available in all good bookstores, both on and offline.

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Please note: Mike is availble for interviews, deeper discussions and statements around the Fourth Industrial Revolution and his book, Humancentric.

About Mike Saunders

A love of technology and a heart for people have been the fuel behind Mike Saunders’ entrepreneurial journey. An international keynote speaker, digital thought-leader and author. He has a unique ability to lead business with a crystal-clear leadership philosophy that encompasses “unlocking potential”, “nurturing trust” and “developing narrative.”

Mike was recognised on the list of “Top Global Digital Marketing Experts & Influencers in 2019 You Should be Following”. Acknowledged by his peers in 2012, as one of the Top 20 South Africans to follow on Twitter. Mike was awarded Special Honours at the New Generation Awards for his contribution to the industry. Over the last few years Mike has won the respect of business by his determined approach to helping people navigate a diverse and complicated world of digital business.

As an international keynote speaker Mike is able to engage his audience in an interactive, personal and energising manner by drawing on his life experiences and personal stories. Mike speaks with authority from over 10 years’ experience in the digital industry. He has had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious organisations in the world including Vodafone, Bidvest, Santam, IBM, Toyota, Norton Rose and Exxaro.

Entrepreneurial journey

Mike believes technology helps innovate a new future, accelerates growth potential and scales business. According to Mike, “Technology unlocks our future and is a fundamental driver of our success.” It’s his belief in technology and people that spurred him to founding DigitLab.

DigitLab has grown to be one of South Africa’s premier digital marketing agencies and was voted one of South Africa’s best digital agencies in 2012. DigitLab provides services in social media, SEO, advertising, digital research, mobile app and web development. The agency is proud to include a variety of national and international brands on their client list including KPMG, Nedbank, Alexander Forbes, Beiersdorf and City Lodge.

In 2015 Mike launched The Digitlab Academy; to educate marketers and support the academic industry with sound digital strategy education material. A powerful partnership with Vega, School of Branding, saw over 150 people run through the academy in its first quarter. Today The DigitLab Academy educates over 1,000 people a year.

Digital Swarm, a nationwide digital community that fuels the growth of the digital marketing industry, is another brainchild of Mike’s. The swarm hosts quarterly events in Durban and JHB and has attracted speakers from SA’s top brands like KFC, AXE and Google.

Humancentric: Technology fails unless it means something to someone

In 2016, Mike released his first book, The Five Year Mark. The Five Year Mark imparts the lessons he has learnt while establishing his businesses and is an inspirational, clear and practical template for entrepreneurs looking for success. In 2019, Mike published his second book, Renowned. Your guide to building a powerful personal brand online. His latest book, Humancentric unpacks how to do business in a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Humancentric: Technology fails unless it means something to someone

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