Concealed microdot on a Tanzanian vehicle proves it is stolen

Dealerships in South Africa can now also confirm the original identity of used vehicles using microdot technology.
Concealed microdot on a Tanzanian vehicle proves it is stolen

A member from the SAPS HQ International Vehicle Crime Investigation Unit recently noticed that the visible VIN in the window of a Mercedes Benz ML63 parked in Tanzania had been tampered with. The officer had been trained in microdot technology by DataDotSA in 2013 and 14 days prior to seeing the vehicle had presented a course on microdotting in Tanzania.

He removed a DataDot microdot and was able to establish the true identity of the vehicle whereupon he was then able to determine that the vehicle was reported as stolen in January 2014 in Kimberley.

The repatriation process will start in order to bring the vehicle back to South Africa.

Dealerships in South Africa have now also been given the opportunity of identifying vehicles using microdot technology in order to combat huge financial losses and reputational damage.

They simply need to register with VehicleFacts - an online platform which enables them to validate the original identity of motor vehicles being traded in. Registration includes training in physically checking the vehicle for microdots and removal of the microdot in order to check VIN detail. The VehicleFacts platform also assists dealerships in ensuring compliance with the Second-hand Goods Act by recording the microdot particulars on the acquisition and disposal register which is then printable from the VehicleFacts electronic system.

Register your dealership today by calling Oliver on 082-872-7397.

VehicleFacts' press office

VehicleFacts minimises the risk to dealerships in trading in cloned or stolen vehicles by validating the original identity of the vehicle whilst complying with the Second-Hand Goods Act.

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