Nielsen media amplifies digital measurement with launches in SA

2019 has been a year of firsts for Nielsen Media as it secured a leading position in South Africa's digital landscape with the unveiling of a range of digital measurement products. This follows the landmark launch of its Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) offering in 2016.
Interestingly, DAR now features a YouTube in App measurement capability, stemming from a partnership with Google which builds on Nielsen’s current measurement coverage of YouTube ads on desktop and mobile web browsers and provides marketers independent and comprehensive cross-device measurement of advertising audiences on YouTube - across computer and mobile devices.

Nielsen South Africa Digital Lead Noah Makholwa says; “Digital measurement is a highly competitive sector in South Africa and a number of offerings have now entered the local market. Where Nielsen Media differentiates itself, is through the provision of deep data drawn from an array of platforms which enables us to offer rich insights and analysis to make meaning of the deluge of data that clients face.”

Sentiment analysis

One of Nielsen Media’s latest offerings is Ad Intel Insights (AII), an online ‘listening tool’ that uses a powerful search engine to conduct real time sentiment analysis and measure share of voice versus competitors on various online forums. Furthermore, users can get quick access to the sentiment for their brands and products via a live desktop dashboard.

Clients are also able to measure how a campaign will be received prior to the launch of a particular campaign and then continue to measure its effectiveness while the campaign is live. Users can adapt campaign messaging based on the metrics from the tool. They can also see what competitors are doing as well as how brand influencers are performing.

Makholwa stresses, however, that Ad Intel Insights is about much more than just ‘social listening’. “Ad Intel Insights reports across social media, news sites, blogs, forums, newspapers as well as TV and Radio. We can also provide insights and analysis in the form of detailed reports and can segment our findings according to a range of desired variables.
Language detection and image analysis also increase the number of touch points we are able to draw data from”

Evidence of the need for enhanced digital measurement in the local market, is in that Nielsen Media has already worked on multiple campaigns for various corporations in the five months since launch.

The power of this listening tool was also demonstrated during the Township Shopper Marketing Summit 2019 where Nielsen Media gave a presentation on ‘The Dark Art of Black Twitter’. “Using the listening technology we were able to proactively show that colloquially positioned brands that utilise vernacular to communicate amongst other subtleties appear to have their finger on the pulse and are able to effectively take part in the #BlackTwitter conversation and essentially resonate better with this audience than more formally positioned brands.” Makholwa explains.

Digital effectiveness

Another tool that isolates the effect and return of online spend is Digital Brand Effect which tracks brand lift as a result of a digital campaign, across six key objectives namely: Awareness, association, favourability, intent, attitudes and preference - or it can be customised around a primary marketing objective. The use of this tool has already borne fruit for one of Nielsen Media’s technology clients, where it was used to track five responses related to user awareness of one of their campaigns to gauge its effectiveness.

These included the ideal frequency for advertisements, whether positive brand awareness had been created, how many times an audience saw the ad and the profile of who saw the ad versus the initial target market as well as what style of creative worked best.

“As a result, there was optimisation during the campaign which led to a 13% brand lift in awareness and an increase of 26% in ad recall.” reports Makholwa.

Brands and behaviour

Yet another big launch for Nielsen Media saw the merger of the existing PAMS Brands (PAMS fused with over 5,000 Nielsen Consumer Panel brands) with the Nielsen 2019 Digital Consumer Survey (DCS), known as PPP (Platforms, Products and People). This now consists of actual scanned data which is collected in households all year round at least once a month, resulting in a total of 48,000 household visits a year, and the measurement of 200,000 shopping occasions. Added to this is the digital data that Nielsen Media is able to supply.

Looking to 2020 Makholwa comments; “We now provide clients with end to end digital measurement, across a variety of online platforms, according to their individual requirements and budgets.

“This not only leads to in-depth quantitative data but also deeper qualitative insights, that ultimately allows clients to target and tailor their messaging before, and even during a campaign, to ensure their digital marketing activity is effective and delivers the best possible return on investment.”

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