It's easy for dealerships to register with VehicleFacts!

Registering with VehicleFacts is an easy process and one which will ultimately protect dealerships against fraudulent transactions.
It's easy for dealerships to register with VehicleFacts!

There are four easy steps in registering with VehicleFacts.

Schedule an appointment

Our staff are available to meet you at your dealership.

Understand the benefits

During the appointment we will take you through the benefits of registering with VehicleFacts and explain the training involved. Demo’s can be set up upon request.


A simple dealer registration form needs to be completed and signed by the dealership and thereafter a training date is set. The signed form is processed, and login credentials are generated allowing the dealership access to the VehicleFacts database.


The dealership receives a comprehensive training session, identification kit and training video which includes:
  • Locating microdots on the vehicle
  • Removing microdots from the vehicle
  • Reading the microdot detail
The process gives dealerships a cost-effective validation platform to work from.

Register your dealership today by calling Oliver on 082-872-7397.

VehicleFacts' press office

VehicleFacts minimises the risk to dealerships in trading in cloned or stolen vehicles by validating the original identity of the vehicle whilst complying with the Second-Hand Goods Act.

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