SPM carries the Boks!

SPM is a proud supplier of choice to carry the Springboks on their ticker tape parade throughout Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria! The Springbok bus is a great example of what SPM, the innovators in mobile media can do for your brand.
SPM, a division of PenQuin International, ensures each bus is designed with pristine detail, strategic thought while using innovation and creativity to deliver a strong message for the brands they communicate to thousands of people daily. With a broad client base, SPM designs a campaign suited to the characteristics of the brand, as well as the audience they wish to target.

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Established in the year 2000, Penquin is an independent 360-degree results-driven advertising agency. We offer unique solutions that connect people and make them feel part of something bigger. Experiences are the soul of our creative thinking, they inspire us to tell stories that stir emotions, instill belief, and help build long-lasting, authentic relationships with your customers.

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