What products use industrial reinforced fiberglass?

Plastic is known for being easily moldable to just about any shape or configuration, but it is not exactly famous for its strength. That changed when companies started reinforcing plastic with fiberglass. Suddenly, it has become much stronger and more durable with greater resistance to chemicals and extreme temperatures. It soon followed that numerous fiberglass products became much more available and popular.
Here are some of the items that you may not know have been reinforced with fiberglass:

Boats and marine applications

The use of fiberglass in consumer products has never been as popular as they are in boats, kayaks, and surfboards. At first, these plastics weren’t ideal due to issues with water absorption, but those problems were eventually solved. Today, as it has been for many years now, fiberglass boats are the bestsellers.

Fiberglass offers numerous advantages to manufacturers as they’re very much suited to automated production processes. They’re also not too expensive to build in large volumes. As these fiberglass boats are not so expensive and yet so resilient, it’s not surprising that so many future boat owners would opt for them.


It’s said that industrial reinforced fiberglass resins are everywhere, including offices and regular homes. This is because they’re commonly used for printed circuit boards (PCBs). A PCB is basically a board that connects the various electronic components neatly and efficiently so that you don’t end up with a mess of wrapped wires to make these connections.

PCBs are everywhere — they’re in just about every electronic item. Since there’s virtually no home these days without electronics such as a TV or a fridge, your home has industrial reinforced fiberglass.

Automotive replacement body parts

Back in 1953, the automotive industry actually came out with a production car with a fiberglass body. This was the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette, but it wasn’t as cost-efficient as using metal for large volume production.

As it turned out, with smaller markets the use of fiberglass makes a lot more sense. This is why fiberglass-reinforced plastics are very common in custom body kits and replacement body parts for automobiles. The tooling costs are lower now.

Bath items

Fiberglass is a very common material used for bathtubs and shower trays. Fiberglass is popular because they’re resistant to various temperatures and chemicals, so hot water and soaps pose no threats. You’ll find fiberglass in spas and Jacuzzis as well.


Since fiberglass materials are easy to mold and yet tough against various extreme conditions, it follows that many would use them for furniture. This is especially true for outdoor furniture. Fiberglass furniture has no problem with moisture (they’re used for boats, remember?) and they don’t rot like wood or corrode like metal. They don’t attract insects, and they don’t warp.


Just because the fiberglass isn’t used for the construction of the main airframe doesn’t mean that fiberglass isn’t common in aviation. On the contrary, fiberglass is found in the plane’s instrument enclosures, bulkheads, luggage racks, storage bins, and cowlings for the engine.

Family parks

Does your park have a water slide? Then chances are that it’s made of fiber-reinforced plastic. This material is everywhere in parks like Disneyland, as their rides all have industrial reinforced fiberglass. So do their castles and towers.

Medical equipment

Fiberglass materials don’t stain, isn’t porous, and has a hard-wearing finish. For these reasons, fiberglass is used for medical instrument enclosures and also X-ray beds because of the importance of X-ray transparency.

These are just a sampling of how “civilians” use industrial reinforced fiberglass products. These can also be found in various industrial storage tanks and pipelines. In other words—they’re everywhere.

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