Continuous performance: continuous inkjet coders

Does your business rely on technologies that offer reliability, speed and flexibility? When it comes to your printing, coding and marking requirements, continuous inkjet (CIJ) technology is an ideal choice.
Continuous performance: continuous inkjet coders
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Engineered for fast-paced, demanding industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, toiletries, electrical equipment, electronics, cables, tubes and profiles – CIJ printers are frequently used in production environments that require high-performance, high-speed coding and marking solutions.

How does CIJ technology work?

A high-pressure pump guides liquid ink from a reservoir through a nozzle, creating a precise and continuous jet of ink droplets. The high frequency of drop expulsion makes it possible for these types of machines to print accurately at extremely high speeds.

Why choose CIJ technology?

  • Versatile:

  • CIJ printers can be used to mark or code on almost any material, at any speed and orientation. This type of printer is also compatible with multiple sizes, shapes and textures. Whether you want to print logos and text or date codes, lot codes and barcodes, you can do so on substrates as diverse as metal, glass, wood, plastic and paper.

  • Durable:

  • Compared to many other technologies, CIJ printers can perform optimally for many hours before requiring service. This leads to very competitive maintenance costs.

  • Fast:

  • CIJ printers use ink that offers low evaporation, which means they dry fast and are therefore perfectly suited to high-speed production lines.

    Continuous performance: continuous inkjet coders
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    World-class technology, available locally

    The 9000 Series from Markem-Imaje is exclusively available in Southern Africa through Pyrotec PackMark.

    This range of full-featured, industrial CIJ printers meet the following requirements:

  • Demanding manufacturing environments
  • General purpose
  • High-contrast and high-performance marking

    The Markem Imaje 9000 Series is engineered to print on all types of substrates including plastics, glass, metal, cardboard and directly onto food. Both standard and specific applications can be accommodated – including:

  • Food grade
  • Sterilisation
  • UV cure
  • Egg coding

    The available inks include alcohol-based, water-based, ketone-free and MEK-free – in a broad range of colours.

    Contact us now to discuss your unique coding requirements.

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