Good user experience and reach promotes massive growth in job applications

While there have been reports of low job search and application numbers in the South African online recruitment market, CareerJunction experienced a massive 36% increase of applications per job ad year-on-year (2017-2018).

“We’re seeing our hard work pay dividends,” says Paul Byrne, Managing Director of CareerJunction.”

Good user experience and reach promotes massive growth in job applications

“The past 12 months we have spent an immense amount of time and resources to focus on the job search and candidate delivery experience and we are delighted by the response thus far.

“At the end of the day our success is determined by our users and the level of accuracy when matching a person to a job and the number of quality applications we supply to recruiters.”

CareerJunction’s development team has, with laser-focus determination, endeavoured to create an exceptional and consistent job search experience, whether using its main website, mobile site or their Android/iOS job apps.

The repeated delivery of innovative online recruitment solutions is a great testament to our local team’s ingenuity and our competitiveness as a South African company competing on the world stage.

To experience CareerJunction’s amazing job search and application experience, visit or download our Android or iOS job app here.

Happy job and candidate hunting in 2018!

CareerJunction is South Africa's #1 Quality Candidate Provider, with thousands of jobs advertised online daily and over two million registered CareerSeekers.

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