Great ideas for improving health and wellness at work

Workplace wellness is defined as any activity initiated by an organisation to support the health of its employees. More businesses are realising the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle at work. When workers are well and healthy, they become more productive thus can contribute more to an organisation's success for the long haul.
Great ideas for improving health and wellness at work

No matter the size of your business, there is no limit to the strategies you can employ to show your staff members that you care about their health. To get started, here are some great ideas you can try starting today.

Bring preventive care to the office

Incorporating preventive care at work can save you billions of dollars in medical expenses. Preventive care refers to the practice of conducting health check-ups, screenings, and immunisations that can spare your employees from getting communicable and non-communicable diseases at work.

Companies that put emphasis on employee wellness hire health practitioners that offer preventive care to staff. If you discover that your staff members are at risk for health issues, you can provide them health teachings or recommendations that will encourage them to make better health decisions. Common health topics include stress reduction, food choices, smoking and alcohol reduction, exercise, and work safety practices.

Encourage the right snacking habits

Most office workers fail when it comes to making healthy snack choices. Google has taken an initiative in promoting healthy snacking at work by promoting an unpopular vegetable as the Vegetable of the Day. To spark employees’ enthusiasm for the vegetable, Google placed colourful images and trivia facts next to it.

You can encourage your workers to pick the right healthy snacks by implementing your own version of Snack of the Day in your cafeteria. Make sure to feature high-fibre, low-calorie, vitamin-rich such as banana and almond milk smoothie, apple chips, and celery sticks with peanut butter.

Educate your HR to promote employee health at the office

Your workplace’s HR team has a vital role to play when it comes to health promotion among employees. The problem with a lot of offices these days is that their HR departments rarely focus on the well-being of staff members. This should not be the case.

As part of top management, provide your HR manager health tips that he or she can use to help every staff member perform his or her best. Some of these strategies include maintaining work-life balance, eating healthy foods, engaging in regular physical activity, and taking regular breaks to reduce stress levels.

Develop and maintain positive workplace relationships

Our connection with other human beings can have a huge impact on how we think, feel, and view life. Because personality differences are so common at work, as a manager you are challenged to encourage positive relationships where workers are friendly, encouraging, and know how to listen to one another. Relationships affect our health and happiness more than we think they do.

Weak partnerships often lead to increased stress levels, depression, increased alcohol use, and sleep problems. To promote positive behaviours among your workers, be a good example yourself. Encourage open communication, approach your employees with trust and respect, and hold team lunches and outings.


You can implement all these great health and wellness strategies in your office or you can start with one. Remember that your team has different needs. This means that you need to design your initiatives based on what suits them best. Where there is corporate wellness, there is increased productivity. People can always give their best when they are free from any sickness and disease.

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