The Return of the Big Idea - it's time!

There is one thing that distinguishes good media plans from great ones and good media planners from industry leaders - the 'Big Idea'. The Advertising Media Association of South Africa (AMASA) invites media, marketing and advertising players to engage in "The return of the Big Idea" at the 2007 AMASA Workshop being held at Little Switzerland, Drakensberg, 30 August - 2 September 2007.
The workshop is designed to equip delegates with the fundamentals of media planning and take them through a series of lectures where practical guidelines are given on how to construct a media strategy - culminating in an all-encompassing media project brief.

This year the course will focus even more on innovation and creative thinking in media planning. Over the years, the 'science' of media planning appears to have overtaken the 'art' of media planning. The current perception by many, is that media is only about buying space as cheaply as possible. The AMASA workshop will explore ways to rectify the balance between 'art' and 'science' in media planning.

The 2007 workshop will look at:
  • What makes a big media idea
  • Distinguishing between media fads and stunts vs opportunities delivering real media exposure
  • How to leverage a big media idea across an integrated channel platform
  • How to construct and present a media plan that is innovative, insightful, interesting and valuable.

    Guest speakers include Gordon Muller (GSM Quadrant), Frank Tilley (The People Group), Rob Smuts (RMS Media), Brad Aigner (FGI), Kevin Kirby (ComutaNet) and John Van Wyk (Barloworld Logistics), who will share their extensive knowledge with the delegates.

    Those wishing to attend AMASA Johannesburg's annual workshop visit and download the workshop enrolment form. For further information contact Karen van Wyk, .

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