Seven benefits of team-building activities for work

Any profitable business, big or small, can agree that business success starts with having a great team. Outstanding team members are made, not born. For you to have employees who are able to bring you real results, you need to incorporate team-building activities into your employee engagement programme.
Seven benefits of team-building activities for work

Team-building brings positive results from improved productivity to better communication among staff members. In this article, we’ll be letting you in on the advantages of this important activity for your brand. Ready?

1. Boost in motivation

Without motivation, your employees won’t be able to stay on track with your organisational goals. Motivation is what keeps your team going despite the challenges in work they encounter. No company wants an employee who’s overwhelmed and pessimistic about himself and his job.

A motivated employee can make a huge difference in a any company. Allowing people in your team to express their creativity is one of the best ways to spark employee motivation. Organise an activity in which each member can contribute his innovative ideas such as a Cocktail Making Contest.

2. Increased employee satisfaction

Keeping your employees satisfied isn’t only achieved through salary raises and bonuses. Monetary incentives are not the most effective means for making people feel fulfilled in their jobs. Several factors impact job satisfaction. These include recognition of performance, mutual respect and trust in the workplace.

Team-building events that help members bond and highlight their individual strengths can definitely increase your staff’s happiness level.

3. Enhanced problem-solving skills

Being able to effectively handle new challenges is important for any business to head in the right direction. After all, everyone encounters trials on a day-to-day basis. Team-building activities encourage employees to create a clear picture of a problem at hand and decide on the best course of action to win the challenge.

At the end of an activity, let your team review the entire process of solving the problem and how can it be improved in the future.

4. Better communication

Teams who need to improve their communication can greatly benefit from team-building activities at work such as Truth and Lies and Scavenger Hunt. Since these games encourage people to participate, each member would be able to communicate his ideas and pay attention to what others have to say as well.

Good communication is crucial for teams to work smoothly. When members listen and provide clear messages about how to achieve company goals through a certain task, relationships in the workplace improve.

5. Happier staff

Unhappiness can make employees quit. Whether unhappiness comes from personal problems or having no close friends in the workplace, team-building activities enable people to bond and share their experiences.

To make things more exciting, organise these fun activities outside the usual corporate environment. Have them at the beach, in a farm, or anywhere outdoors. You can set up treasure hunts and archery games that allow your staff to loosen up and de-stress.

6. Improved self-esteem

Do your employees feel a sense of accomplishment in what they do? Are you giving them opportunities to explore their inner potential? Staff members who suffer from low self-esteem are indecisive and often anxious about their performance. Some of them happen to be perfectionists.

If you see signs of low self-esteem among your staff, plan a team-building activity in which each member is given the chance to say positive things about his/her co-workers. People feel more assured when they hear good comments coming from others. Praising a person in front of others is a huge self-confidence booster.

7. Work-life balance

Simply spending time outdoors to play games with your co-workers is one way to have fun outside of work. When employees have work-life balance, they are able to feel more satisfied, energised, and get creative with their jobs.

Aside from encouraging bonding or helping your staff members get to know each other better in a typical office setting, organise company outings. Some companies encourage their employees to bring along their family members for greater socialisation. Some ideas include but are not limited to charity runs and camping.

Over to you

There are tons of simple team-building strategies that help you create a strong, happy company. By allowing your staff members to interact through meaningful activities, you’ll be reaping benefits that will last for years to come.

Are you implementing team-building techniques in your company today? Hopefully you are!

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