Top marketing methods for real estate

Many of the successful people in real estate, such as developer Louie Santaguida, are successful because of the right marketing methods. But not everyone finds it easy to generate real estate leads. If this is your problem, here are things experts recommend:
Come up with a great slogan for your business

Slogans are great. They describe your business succinctly and they also make your brand more memorable. Just keep it short and sweet. Then include it in all your marketing materials, such as your website, calling cards, and brochures.

You have to go online

This is perhaps the most obvious solution for real estate marketing. You always go where the customers are, and the customers are all online. The National Association of Realtors has discovered that up to 92% of homebuyers go online when they’re house-hunting.

That means you need a website of your own. That will take some time to get going, but in the meantime you can establish a presence on other well-known real estate websites. These include Zillow (58 million monthly visitors), Trulia (25.5 million), and (24.2 million).

Viral videos

The success of YouTube and Vine allows you to reach buyers through compelling videos. A funny video can go viral very quickly, and it can reach millions of people.

You can use videos for your website to promote your business too. Your videos can show your team, it can be informational, it can show satisfied clients, or it can focus on the communities you work in.

Take care of the copy

When you’re selling a home with listings, you can’t just use dry facts for your descriptions. You have to capture their attention though compelling stories. Your descriptions must paint a fascinating picture of what it’s like to live in the home you’re selling.

Door hangers work wonders

You don’t have to limit your marketing efforts to just the online world. The real outside world needs your attention too. You can reach more customers directly by using door hangers.

Why not direct mail? The problem with direct mail is that your message can get lost amidst a puddle of bills. But your door hangers are more likely to reach your leads. That’s because they have to remove the door hanger from their door when they enter their home. Once they bring your ad inside, they may take more time to think about what you’re offering.

Don’t forget to automate

Once you start generating leads, it may take a lot of effort to keep track of all of them. When you start getting more than a dozen new leads every month, manually tracking them through email and calendar reminders can be difficult. Fortunately for you, there are automated programs for that sort of thing. With automated software, you can follow up on leads much more efficiently and systematically.

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