Get the advertising power you need

This year's AMASA Channel Strategy Workshop is guaranteed to give you, the advertising community, the power you need to stay one step ahead of everyone. Power to the people of advertising!
Taking place from 4th to 7th July at Devon Valley Hotel in Stellenbosch, the AMASA Workshop 2007 is a must for all marketing managers, brand managers, account directors & account managers, all creatives, media planners, media buyers and media owners – basically anyone in the advertising community who wants to get to grips with the new wave of channel planning thinking.

The workshop will equip participants with an understanding of the principles of channel planning and the media process. As an advertising professional in this evolving industry you cannot afford to be left behind!

We are pleased to welcome back our key speakers, Bryan Gibson from Ogilvy, Gordon Muller of Independent Media Consultant and John Cooney, Principal of the Red & Yellow School of Advertising. We are very excited to introduce new speaker Patou Nuytemans from Ogilvy Europe Africa and Middle East Digital Strategy Director (with expertise in the worldwide cutting edge of new media).

They will give you invaluable insights into the changing advertising market, essential media planning principles and know-how, evaluating – and neutralizing – your competitors, and how to get creative with your use of the media amongst other things. One thing is for sure: after the AMASA Workshop 2007 the media will be eating out of your hands – there will be no saying “no” to your wants and needs!

The Conference will bring together, the knowledge of a collection of SA's most experienced advertising and media players to delegates, making it a must for anyone wanting to be an industry leader. Book your place now!

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available should your company want to get involved and contribute to this essential annual AMASA event.


When: 4 - 7 July 2007
Where: Devon Valley Hotel, Stellenbosch
How much: Early bird rate = R5 000 if you book before Monday, 4th June. Thereafter: R5 500 for AMASA Members; R5 750 for Non AMASA Members.
RSVP: Patricia Saunders or (021) 529 4140. Booking deadline: 20th June 2007.

Sponsorship: John Campson

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