Most damaging web design mistakes e-businesses make

E-businesses make so many mistakes. Unfortunately, most of them are connected with the website itself, which is actually the real business. Managing a business is difficult and when everything moves online the topic is even more complicated. While there are so many problems that appear, those that do need to be mentioned are the following...
Opening internal links in new windows

Some time ago, opening the internal links in a new window was interesting because it was new. However, it is not a good idea with an e-business. That is because the practice actually uses too many of the computer’s users and will complicate visitor experience. You can use this tool with ease but you should not for an e-business. Keep the link opening into a new window something for the external links.

Not adding complex contact details

A big problem appears when web design only focusses on visuals and the necessary text is basically ignored. Every single e-business needs to be appealing. If you cannot contact a store owner, you will not really appreciate the experience. It is vital that you add at least your company address, phone and e-mail in an area that is visible for the visitor. A section named Contact Us is usually the norm in this case.

Trying to save money at all costs

It is normal to look for quality cheap web design but too many business managers make the huge mistake of simply going for the cheapest option. You want to be offered a great price and find something that is cheap but when the quality of what you receive is low, it is a certainty that huge problems are going to appear. Always be sure that your budget is maximised. It is much better to opt for a site that is less complex as long as everything works properly.

Not checking broken links

Nothing hurts your e-business more than broken links. If a visitor lands on a 404 page, it is a certainty that authority is lost and there is a pretty large possibility that the potential customer will just leave. As an extra tip, create a 404 error page in the event that an error happens and someone lands on it. Do not make it standard. Add a contact webmaster link since people will tell you if errors appear so that the webmaster can actually solve them.

Outdated information

In the event that a site is not updated and the information presented is old, the visitor will not trust the e-business. You can find hundreds of thousands of websites that include dated, old content. Daily updates are always recommended and have to be taken into account when you build the budget for the website.


Website design should not be taken lightly. It is really important that you make a proper choice and that you work with great professionals. You will want to get a great price but do remember that there is a huge difference between great prices and really bad quality work that leads to discounts.

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