AXE #YouGottaDry. Be cool. Even when you're not.

AXE launches it's new DRY campaign with international rapper and TV star Xzibit and gives away 1000 really uncool prizes.

Guys are tired of seeing ads using perfect men. Men with perfectly carved six packs, men with immaculately sculpted hair, men that are always cool and sexy. No. Real guys are clumsy. They make terrible fashion decisions. Sometimes they're just plain weird. To launch AXE's new DRY anti-perspirant range, that now comes in an all white can, AXE has made a stand for normal guys everywhere and called bullshit on normal advertising.

Using AXE DRY isn't going to give you a six pack. It's an anti-perspirant that is going to keep you fresh - and that's all that matters. Go ahead and be a guy, just use AXE DRY while you're at it.

#YouGottaDRY. Be cool. Even when you're not.

We chose Xzibit as our campaign frontman, a guy who oozes self confident cool, without the six pack and perfect looks normally found amongst personal care ambassadors. Xzibit's job was simple - call on guys to commit to using AXE DRY, and stand the chance to win one of 1000 totally uncool prizes like bluetooth phone gloves, a portable sleeping helmet, a Jedi bathrobe and even a Viking drinking horn.

Our call to action lived through tailored videos for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we did away with complicated entry mechanics. A simple comment using #YouGottaDry on campaign content was all it took to stand a chance to win an uncool prize, that we announced via a surprise video directly to the winner within the social timeline or news feed.

Twitter Call To Action

Facebook Call To Action

Winners never knew what prize they would win, and none seemed to mind. The clear take out was that no matter how uncool the prize was, you'd be fine as long as you used AXE DRY.

The final part of the campaign calls on the winners to post photos or videos using their uncool prizes for a chance at winning a R10,000 cash prize. This allows for a stream of funny, user-generated content and will draw the campaign to a close.

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