The use of controversy in selling more products

There are so many moments in the history of marketing that highlight huge successes simply because of the use of controversy. One of the best examples of this is the launch of The Davinci Code. The huge controversy that appeared and the responses of Christians basically made everyone want to see what the book is about. Nobody really care if one side was right. They just wanted to see what the controversy was and what got everyone so mad.
A strategy that is based on controversy can be incredibly effective in promoting something, ranging from the e-cigs to diapers if you want to. However, it is really important that you do it right. When you create controversy just for the sake of controversy, problems appear. You thus need to first conduct thorough research so that you understand all that you can about the target audience.

How to create controversy

The most important part of the process is to properly do the necessary homework. It does not really matter what industry you operate in. You need to know all that you can about the current trends, what people love and what they do not love.

As an example, let us say that you are in the book industry. In this case, you want to look in stores like Amazon in order to see what book subjects are currently really hot. You want to study the books, read reviews, consult the contents and basically learn all that you can about the topic. After that, you want to conduct online searches on large search engines like Yahoo or Google in order to look for news. News helps you because you get to know what is hot and what is not about a specific topic.

An extra tip that we can highlight is: use press release sites. A good example would be PR Web. PR portals are really interesting since they will tell you what your competition says about the work that is done. A news release should not be seen as a simple news piece about a specific company. Take pointers from the forums and review platforms for products and services and get a better understanding about the products and services first. For example, for e-cigs you could take a look at IEC. Take a look at everything through a business perspective. Controversy is basically created when alternative viewpoints are presented against pervasive perspectives.

The Dan Brown example

Let’s get back to The Davinci Code. The genius here is that Dan Brown basically went against what has been said by Christians for thousands of years now. The result was a different historical viewpoint to what is already seen as common history. We have a complete story that is created around that viewpoint. The approach worked perfectly and proof of this is that sales were incredibly high.

On the whole, the main idea is to basically choose to create controversy about something that people are really passionate about. That creates a genuine response, one that is based on what an individual knows and believes. When you achieve this, more will be curious, not just those that are directly affected. Smart marketers are always looking for such an opportunity whenever launching or promoting a product.

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