You need contracts for all the work that you do

Being a freelancer, an independent contractor and basically being self-employed automatically means that you will deal with different clients at the same time. The problem in most situations is that many end up doing work without actually signing a contract. This is actually one of the most common mistakes that are made in this situation. Blind trust can so easily lead towards not being paid or ending up having to pay fees that should not be present.
Written records protect you

2016 is a perfect year to start an online business. This is great for the self-employed professional since it means that there are more opportunities available for a project-based payday. The problem is that finances are normally tough with such a company and a lack of experience normally appears in the startup owners. This leads towards projects often being changed after the initial deal was discussed.

In many situations you'll find yourself facing a timeline or another big project piece being modified. Whenever this happens, a written agreement needs to be signed, besides the initial contract that you hopefully signed. In the event that this written agreement does not exist, you can end up working a lot more than you should and not being paid for it. The contract keeps records and highlights what the client initially agreed to like a revisions number.

Getting paid on time

One of the really common problems for freelancers and a horror story in itself is the fact that they are paid late or a lot less than what they initially agreed with. Unfortunately, this is quite common when there is no contract signed.

In order to protect yourself from most payment-related problems, a contract needs to be signed and has to include strict guidelines and rules for the payments that are to be done for the work that is agreed.

There are many different ways to be paid and agreements that can be signed. No matter what you agree with, whenever the deal is not respected, you can actually stop work without any penalty. The client is forced to pay you or would be faced with legal problems.

Increased credibility

Let’s say that you want to sign a working contract for distribution with Levy’s Leathers. The fact that you ask for a contract and you want to discuss all terms in writing automatically increases your credibility as it showcases that you are honest with the work that you are about to do. Besides obligations that appear for the client, there are obligations that you also have to respect and the companies you work with will want to see something like this.

Remember that serious companies want to work with serious contractors. You automatically establish professionalism when you start working only based on a signed contract. The client knows that you mean business and the project will be started on the proper path.


On the whole, we can say that it is vital for you to always sign a contract before you do any work. This helps you to avoid many problems and will actually increase the possibility of getting new clients.

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