Self-service - how to manage your voice or data contract

Self-service has revolutionised the service industry!
Self-service - how to manage your voice or data contract
All banks in South Africa have self-service facilities where customers can do their banking online and go into their accounts to check their balances and debit orders. Wouldn't it be great if you were able to manage your voice and data accounts in the same way that you manage your bank account?

Data consumption is such a controversial topic in South Africa. With customers alleging their data has been 'stolen' or that the networks are not portraying the correct usage, billing disputes are the highest complaint category at all South African telecoms. It would make life so much easier if you could just take control of your own expenses and daily account management without having to phone to a call centre.

Various options are in fact available: mobile apps and self- service platforms on the providers' websites allow you to track monitor data and voice spend, buy bundles if the need arises, include any value added services, view invoices and statements, change personal details and so much more.

The advantage: You have the opportunity to really see how much data you have left on your 'in contract' data allocation and decide whether to load another bundle at the click of a button, or not. This gives you total control of your usage and makes sure that you do not incur extra costs with 'out of bundle' charges.

It is really easy to access the mobile apps which can be downloaded in the Play Store on your Android phone and in the Apple Store for all Apple devices.

Referring to Autopage 'My Account' for customers, Vivienne Geldenhuys, General Manager of Consumer Segments says , " Our objective was to create an easy to use self-service platform to empower our customers to manage their voice and data contracts themselves."

Simply type in 'Autopage My Account', for Autopage customers. 'My Vodacom' for Vodacom customers. 'Cell C Service Manager' for Cell C customers and 'My MTNza' for MTN Customers.

Or you can go to the website and register as an online user using these links:





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