Ready for a new coding solution?

Like most good things, the lifespan of every coding machine comes to an end - even the best-in-class brands. We discussed this is detail recently, noting that most coders on the market today have an average lifespan of six to eight years before the risk of frequent breakdowns starts to significantly diminish the efficiency of your production line.
Ready for a new coding solution?

When the time comes to replace your coding equipment, Pyrotec PackMark is here to assist you with a comprehensive range of industry-leading coding products. We will make sure that you find the very best solution for your manufacturing line - one that causes the least disruptions now and is selected strategically to take your business forward.

We recently added two new small character inkjet coders from Markem-Imaje to our stable - both are designed for optimal availability and can be relied on to secure each of your products with the right code.
  1. Markem-Imaje 9450

    • Reduce your consumable use and energy consumption (no need for plant air)
    • Meet hygiene standards (IP56 standard, IP66 optional) by washing it down with pressured water and industrial detergent
    • Automatic cleaning system for jet stability when restarting
    • Smart consumable system with no set-up required
    • Array of promotional coding and serialization functions
    • Track your running cost via the smart monitoring system
    • Mark & Read vision system checks code integrity

  2. Markem-Imaje 9410

    • Reduce your consumable use and energy consumption
    • Meet IP55 hygiene standards by cleaning it with water and industrial detergent
    • Text, logos, 2D barcodes and other traceability solutions available in 35 languages
    • Local language online guiding system
    • Easy to access maintenance and production history
    • Control access with passwords
    • Create images and network printers with CoLOS® software (optional)
Contact Pyrotec PackMark today for more information on these leading-edge machines; or to find the ideal solution for your production line.

Pyrotec specialises in industry-leading product identification solutions. Our extensive service offering includes a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack identification, informational and promotional devices, and self-adhesive products for offices and homes.

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