Welcome to the new campaign, Appetite for Good! Support this cause and walk for someone who can't

Over the years Worx Group has quietly found ways to involve ourselves in small ways in our community. We like to believe we have made a difference in our small individual ways.
Welcome to the new campaign, Appetite for Good! Support this cause and walk for someone who can't
With the growth of our business and the renewed commitment to bringing more good to our community we have launched a new initiative. Under our new division, IMPACT, we plan to bring our collective communities together to do more good, well.

Appetite for Good is about exactly that, satisfying our appetite to do more good and as a company we aim to help those in our community who need it most.

Our focus for Appetite for Good is close to our hearts.

The founders of Worx Group have always had a close relationship with the amazing school of Forest Town School based in Forest Town, Johannesburg. Forest Town School was established in 1948 by a small group of parents who needed education, care and treatment for their children with cerebral palsy. Today, the school caters for learners with a wide variety of special educational needs.

Some of the disabilities and difficulties that are catered for are: cerebral palsy, disability and difficulties caused by head injuries, learning difficulties ranging from mild to severe, attention decit disorder (ADD) and epilepsy.The school motto is Arise. At Forest Town School children with difficulties and disabilities are given the opportunity, encouragement and expert support they need to arise and be the best they can be.

Fittingly, the rst steps of Appetite for Good begin on 26 July 2015. That's when a Johannesburg event brings our great city's residents to her streets in the annual 702 Walk the Talk. As a company we take part in the walk every year and we'll be doing it again in 2015. This year, however, we're doing it a little differently.

This year we're inviting all of you to walk with us, join us in our Walk for those who can't!

We'll buy the tickets but we're encouraging all of you to help us raise a little extra for Forest Town, we're not dictating to you how much, or even how for that matter. We just want you to join us for a fun day in the winter sun as we stroll through our great city and do more good for those who deserve it.

There'll be more info to follow but in the meantime, we hope you'll join us on our Walk for those who can't.

Welcome to the new campaign, Appetite for Good! Support this cause and walk for someone who can't

If you're keen to join us:

Drop your details onto this link on our Facebook page, email us on
az.oc.prgxrw@TCAPMI or tweet us @wrxgrp.

This is just the beginning,

welcome to a whole new way of doing good.

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