Typek features at the Peter Pan Pantomime

The Joburg Theatre's annual pantomime is a much anticipated fixture on their Christmas calendar. For Sappi, it provides a great opportunity to promote its popular Typek range of office paper, and highlight the brand's loyal association with schools and learner development.
As with previous years, the Sappi Typek mascot is a well-loved figure who is interacting with learners at the 17 school performances of the 2014 pantomime, Peter Pan. Kids can also enter the Typek/Panto colouring-in competition and stand a chance to win some fantastic prizes for their families, teachers and schools (closing date: 08 December).

Typek features at the Peter Pan Pantomime

"Paper remains a highly valued commodity in our schools and in the home environment of learners, so it makes sense to use platforms like these to promote this quality, locally manufactured paper product," says Madelaine Fourie, Sappi Communications Manager: Brand Management.

Typek's involvement with schools

The Sappi Typek brand's commitment to schools and educational development is also taking on a wider reach. In collaboration with the HDI Group, a series of workbooks and posters will be rolled out at schools in line with the national curriculum for Grades 1 to 7.

"From a brand perspective, this initiative facilitates cooperation between teacher, parent and learner," says Madelaine. "On different levels of interaction, each of the three is exposed to greater awareness of the Typek brand - and how it adds value to their lives."

The workbook and poster series is designed as a supplementary aid for teachers to stimulate learners' fine-motor skills and sensory development. Projects are activity-based involving paper, and are aligned with curriculum term work. For example, Grade Ones learning about plants and seeds will also be introduced to a Sappi poster of the papermaking process to help them understand how trees are grown in sustainably managed plantations to provide wood fibre for papermaking. As an associated art activity, the kids will learn to mix primary colours to achieve a secondary palette in order to colour a 'Life in a Tree' picture.

Other activities include the use of recyclable materials and paper maché to make an animal and origami work. More advanced grades will, for example, design a poster that depicts trees as the 'lungs' of our planet. All lessons and activities are age and grade appropriate.

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