ElastiTote: sampling made simple

Free samples are a tried-and-tested marketing tool. In today's challenging economic environment, they are more relevant than ever, with an increasing number of shoppers on the lookout for bargains and freebies.
ElastiTote: sampling made simple
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Sampling can be used to introduce a new product or variant to your target market. It can also be used as an on-pack promotional device to drive sales of the product that it is attached to. For instance, a free gift attached to a product is a great way to enhance the competitiveness of that product and also attract the impulse buyer who maybe wouldn't have considered buying that specific product without an accompanying promotion.

Sampling is also useful for creating brand loyalty, in that consumers feel rewarded for purchasing your product, as well as creating word-of-mouth awareness, in that consumers are likely to tell friends and family about the free gift they received or recommend a new sample that they tried and enjoyed.

At Pyrotec PackMedia, we provide our clients with a range of sample delivery tools including the industry-renowned ElastiTote®. This unique mechanism - known as the ultimate sample delivery tool - can attach a sample to an existing product or be used on its own.

One major advantage of ElastiTote® is its fully customisable nature. This means that you have your say over the style, shape and design of your sample delivery tool!

With ElastiTote® from Pyrotec PackMedia, you can really maximise the value of your marketing campaign by attaching a sample and an informational leaflet to an existing product at the same time. The hang tag is highly durable - and with custom die cuts, designs and prototypes are available, the creative possibilities are endless!

Whether you want to introduce a new product flavour or variant, drive the trial of an existing complementary product, promote sales via giveaways or run a sample-driven promotion - ElastiTote® is the ideal solution to meet your unique sample delivery needs.

If you would like to find out how Pyrotec PackMedia can help you move your products off shelves - contact us today.

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