WomenAtWork - South African women in the workplace

Although there is still a disparity in earnings and leadership titles across genders, women continue to make strides in the world of business and the facts speak for themselves.

This women's month, we decided to pick the brain of our in-house statistician to find out exactly how South African women are doing in the workplace compared to the rest of the world.

By comparing over 2.4 million job seeker records on CareerJunction, one of SA's top job boards (and other useful sources), we were able to put together this thought-provoking infographic.

Based on our findings, it's clear that women still have some way to go before they achieve parity in leadership roles in corporate SA.

The good news:

  • 4 in 10 South African entrepreneurs are women.
  • Women account for 68% of workers in the Legal industry.
  • 57% of South African female job seekers have a diploma or higher education.

The not-so-good news

  • 2 out of 3 illiterate people in the world are women.
  • Only 35% of executive positions are held by women.
  • SA is still experiencing a salary gap (28%) between men and women.

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