On-pack labelling solutions unpacked

Consumers are bombarded with information about different products and brands on a daily basis, which has an effect on product selection. Brands use labels and on-pack solutions to inform and communicate with consumers, which forms part of the overall packaging design of a product. Visual packaging elements such as colour, design, on-pack devices and interactive effects, all play a crucial role in the purchasing process.
On-pack labelling solutions unpacked
"For customers who are rushed and have little time or inclination for involvement, these factors will act as a complete representation of the product," says Timothy Beattie, GM of Pyrotec PackMedia, the leading provider of innovative on-pack solutions. "Pyrotec PackMedia offers four types of on-pack solutions, which allows for optimal information and communication on a small amount of space. Each on-pack solution serves a specific purpose depending on the need of the product as some labels serve just to inform while others are used for promotional and value-added purposes."

Four on-pack solutions explained:


Just like the name says ElastiTag is an elastomer loop that fits snuggly around a product and is attached to either a promotional card or coupon. Each hang tag is custom manufactured according to the brands need. It is used purely as a marketing or promotional tool to engage with customers for a specific reason. ElastiTag immediately attracts consumers' attention and can be used to launch a new product, enhance brand awareness, provide tips to consumers, advertise or promote a special offer, deliver free product samples or provide coupons to consumers.

Unlike cardboard tags ElastiTag does not tear and uniquely grips the product and is not easily moved. Compared to other hang tags ElastiTag looks professional and acts as a brand enhancement tool by improving the general perception of the brand.

Do-It Hang Tabs

Eye catching product displays normally receive the most attention as packaging plays a big role in the selection process. If packaging is damaged consumers may move on to the next brand. To prevent this Do-It Hang Tabs are an effective and easy way to display products. The self-adhesive merchandise display hangers' turns packaging into a peg-ready product guaranteed to catch consumers' eyes.

Do-It Hang Tabs are used to improve product visibility, reduce packaging costs and are used for cross-merchandising opportunities.

Informational Fix-a-Form

The aim of the Informational Fix-a-Form Leaflet-Labels is to relay a large amount of information to consumers about a product, doing so in the form of a label. Products that require certain information due to legislation or product information presented in different languages can easily take up a huge amount of space on the product. Fix-a-Form is the solution to this problem as it allows for an unlimited amount of text or graphics to be neatly displayed in a folded easy to use leaflet format.

Fix-a-Form allows for many panels to be added to an existing label or the label is uniquely designed to fit a product perfectly. The application of each label doesn't need to be a difficult process as PackMedia offers automatic application of labels which uses standard labelling machinery for Informational Fix-a-Forms.

Industries such as pharmaceutical and agricultural benefit from Fix-a-Form because of the legislation that requires manufacturers to include reams of information pertaining to a products composition, usage instructions, precautions etc.

Promotional Fix-a-Form

On-pack promotions do what most mediums of communication cannot - drive purchase in store. Product promotions or brand competitions requires a fair amount information to be conveyed to consumers as way of explanation. The Fix-a-Form Leaflet-Labels allows for brands to inform consumers of promotions and all the details attached to it, in a fun and eye catching way.

Promotional Fix-a-Forms create brand awareness by enhancing the visual appeal of a product which places the brand ahead of its competitors. It is a cost effective way to endorse competitions or to offer value-adds onto a product such as coupons, recipes or cross-promotions. Each promotional Fix-a-Forms is tailored according to a brand's requirements.

"Majority of purchasing decisions are made in store, therefore, on-pack devices are a vital tool to encourage consumers to purchase products they had not planned, increasing sales of a product," concludes Beattie.

Pyrotec specialises in industry-leading product identification solutions. Our extensive service offering includes a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack identification, informational and promotional devices, and self-adhesive products for offices and homes.

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