IT, HR and motor industries booming for job seekers

If you're a geek or in the business of recruiting or getting your hands dirty, it's time to get back in the job market.

According to our latest data trends here at CareerJunction, there's no better time to land a new job for professionals in the IT, HR and motor industries than right now. Here's why!

Comparing current job availability in the IT sector to the same period last year, companies have boosted their hiring efforts by a whopping 60%. Yes, 60%. The HR and motor industries aren't too far behind, each revealing a spike in job availability of over 40% in most recent months. If that's not enough to get you off your wobbly office chair, job seekers seem to have slowed their search efforts, which means competition for these hot jobs has become less fierce.

But be mindful, these breezy conditions do not necessarily apply to everyone. For instance, while systems and data analysts/administrators and particularly BA's and developers own majority share for IT-related job vacancies, other IT-related occupations were minimally affected by the spike in demand.

The same goes for professionals in the HR and motor industries. In the HR industry, HR officers, recruitment consultants and HR managers can look forward to a wide selection of opportunities while those in administrative, research, payroll or employee relations roles have to work a little bit harder for these jobs.

And finally mechanics and auto technicians as well as sales managers and consultants seem to be in hot demand within the zooming motor industry.

So unless you are allowed to put your feet on your desk and have your own office espresso machine, you might want to consider touching up your online CV and setting up a few email job alerts.

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*Data was collected from CareerJunction and analysis done by The CareerJunction Index (CJI).

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