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BRANDTRUTH//DGTL is a full-service digital agency. We help brands do what they have never done before in digital. Through our knowledge and expertise, we create custom solutions to grow and transform your business.
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The future of apps is lite
Lightening the data burden on Africa's cost-conscious mobile community
 12 Oct 2020 Read more

From the rise of the invisible brand, to tech becoming more human: Five key learnings from SXSW2019South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual 10-day event of interactive media, brands, film and music festivals that bring 100,000 creatives from across the world to Austin, Texas to network, learn and share ideas. It features key speakers from various industries who share the secret sauce of what's next in tech, music, film, brands and marketing. 18 Mar 2019 Read more

The Five Vital Aspects of a Successful Social Media CampaignSocial media has surpassed all predicted expectations and erupted into a space where people connect, share and tell their stories. It has become a hub for content creation and idea sharing for both consumers and marketers, allowing brands to directly impact their followers at a click of a button. But what does it take to stand out from the crowd and really get noticed on social? 19 Feb 2019 Read more

3 Key Tips to Great Storytelling for Sports MarketersSports storytellers are playing a game that moves as fast as the matches they cover, because fans have an insatiable demand for content. Not only do they expect to see realtime, high-quality content, commentary and updates of a game on social media, they also have a keen interest in learning more about their favourite teams. From score updates and event highlights during the game, to player training sessions and behind-the-scenes content about the players. 14 Jan 2019 Read more

The story substancePeople are confronted daily with a slew of messages resulting in content fatigue. Added to this is a mass amount of remarketing tactics based on search and content consumption behaviour, which ads to this content overload. Now, in a world where every brand is fighting for attention, how will brands stand out? 9 Oct 2018 Read more

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