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How to take advantage of global online sales during lockdown with Aramex Global ShopperAramex South Africa manager of e-commerce services Mark Mahoney explains how the company is offering access to massive global online sales and providing special offers to customers using the service during lockdown level four. 11 May 2020 Read more

How to get overseas Black Friday deals with Standard Bank and Aramex Global ShopperOverseas Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are happening right now. But how do you take advantage of those deals overseas when the online retailer doesn't offer shipping to South Africa? Or maybe the online retailer does ship to S.A. but only offers slow postal options and you just can't wait that long. 25 Nov 2019 Read more

Unlocking Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals around the worldOnline shopping has become a global phenomenon. In the fourth annual cross boarder e-commerce report, Paypal and Ipsos indicate that over 60% of current online shoppers in South Africa are shopping internationally, a whopping 23% higher than 2017. Companies such as Aramex Global Shopper make it as simple as opening Google and searching for what you need, no matter the origin. The most common comparison criteria for consumers is generally (1) Price and (2) Speed of delivery. Now without the limitation of national boarders, consumers have access to global online stores offering deals that just can't be beaten! 16 Nov 2018 Read more

Mark MahoneyThe proliferation of mobile phone networks in Asia-Pacific and Africa has transformed how people connect, communicate and shop. Africa's e-commerce market is rapidly gaining traction, with e-commerce expected to account for 10% of retail sales by 2025, while Asia-Pacific's e-commerce market will have an estimated value of $1.4 trillion by 2020. I believe 2018 will continue the surge in emerging markets' mobile and e-commerce growth, catalysing big opportunity for businesses. 8 Jan 2018 Read more

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