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In need of small pleasures? Grey Advertising Africa and Burger King's newest radio ads

Grey Advertising Africa and Burger King proudly introduce their newest Radio Campaign, Small Pleasures. South Africans are going through the most right now. Paying for electricity that's only on when we're asleep or at work. Our economy is going through mid-month blues, mampara week, every week, the entire month. It feels as though there is very little to be happy about at the moment.
In need of small pleasures? Grey Advertising Africa and Burger King's newest radio ads

The King Value Meals at Burger King are meals big on value; they are small pleasures that can be enjoyed no matter what. That’s where the concept for this campaign came from. We took everyday scenarios that are relatable for many South Africans and told stories about how there is a small pleasure that can be enjoyed even in those moments. Whether it’s not having to sit in the front middle seat in the taxi, where you would then have to remember Calculus and Bodmas (Brackets, Orders, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) to count the fare, or simply getting a call from a private number to find out that the anticipated telesales call is your grandma who mistakenly blocked her caller ID as they usually do,” says TJ Njozela, creative director at Grey Advertising Africa. “The campaign shows that all small pleasures are meant to be enjoyed, and the King Value Meals that start at a small R39.90 are the small pleasure you need.”

Sometimes it’s relishing in tiny indignation and getting that last word in. On one of the radio spots, we meet uSista Gal, who has just completed her morning school run. She gets the middle finger from one of the bosses of the road, a taxi driver, as he passes her on the emergency lane. As karma would have it, the taxi gets pulled over by the traffic police, and she can’t help but call him a moemish – a small pleasure.

In the simultaneous ages of 'indoda must' and cash-strapped consumers, you can only imagine a guy's joy when his hun says all she wants for date night is to stay home and watch movies—a small pleasure.

“We read a stat that revealed that 72% of South Africans said they are extremely concerned about their financial situation, all while prices are soaring and the average take-home pay has decreased by 4%*. Add ongoing load shedding to this; it’s no secret that South Africans are battling financially. As a brand that prides itself on offering customers exceptional value, Burger King couldn’t ignore this. This was our starting point; how can Burger King help lighten the heavy load that South Africans are carrying right now?” added Julia Ridderhof, strategist at Grey Advertising Africa.

The campaign is about the small pleasures we experience daily, and at the top of the small pleasures list is value for money, which is what Burger King and King Value Meals offer. “Our 'Small Pleasures' campaign celebrates the simple joys in life and acknowledges the current economic situation in South Africa. We aim to provide comfort and enjoyment to our customers through Burger King's King Value Meals, which offer affordable and satisfying options. Our team understands the financial concerns and pressures that many South Africans face, and we are committed to providing exceptional value and support during these challenging times, concludes Ezelna Jones, marketing executive at Burger King South Africa.

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7 Aug 2023 13:19