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Grey Advertising Africa and Burger King address the elephant (or shrinking elephant) in the room

Good-natured and compliant are just some adjectives used to describe the average personality of a local South African - while paying bills on time, noticing variations in what they pay for versus what they get in return. For a fleeting moment applying the most basic logic or solution to the things visible - it must be because I have grown up and things look smaller?
Grey Advertising Africa and Burger King address the elephant (or shrinking elephant) in the room
Grey Advertising Africa and Burger King address the elephant (or shrinking elephant) in the room

"As consumers, we increasingly pay more for less. Take electricity for example, we use less but the bill at the end of the month keeps going up. Or bags of chips that have more air than chips in them. You used to be able to share a slab of chocolate amongst a family of four, but these days a "slab" is a portion fit for one. In this world of shrinkflation, Burger King wants to remind people that King Size still means what it used to, and the King Size combos at Burger King are amongst the biggest in the business. With the ever increasing cost of living, consumers are desperate for value. And this spot for Burger King reminds us that you can still get real value in the world”, says Glenn Jeffery, executive creative director at Grey Advertising Africa.

One of the places where we experience the most frustration or disappointment, is when we pay a King-Sized price for food or treats when we might as well have ordered from the starter section or opted for the bite-sized treat. Shrinkflation is alive and well, and it is not something you are imagining. The cost of living and services have increased steadily, resulting in smaller portions at the same price, creating the illusion that it still fits your pocket. However, Burger King consistently delivers on their promise and is taking away zero percent from their King Size offerings. The latest television commercial from Grey Advertising and Burger King portrays just some shrinkflation scenarios – one choc chip in your choc chip ice cream; a shower gel making its owner feel like a colossus; and 50% more is sometimes just 50% more air.

“When Burger King offers value, we want to ensure that it's good for your pocket and that you are getting a burger that is big on taste across our menu. We have tested what our consumers want, and we have curated a selection of King Size combos this year to offer real value to our customers,” says Ezelna Jones, marketing executive at Burger King.

There is never a reason to feel bad for wanting what you want: sustenance and value for money. Things are smaller and more expensive, and treating yourself and enjoying life is more complex than it used to be.

The new selection of King Size combos is available nationwide at all Burger King outlets – where King Size still means King Size.

8 Feb 2023 11:20