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How Woodford Car Hire got to #1 in the car rentals industry on Hellopeter

At Hellopeter, we love shining the spotlight on local businesses that put in the work and are reaping the rewards. We share a recent customer success story of how Woodford Car Hire got to ranking in that sought-after #1 spot in the car rentals industry on Hellopeter.
How Woodford Car Hire got to #1 in the car rentals industry on Hellopeter

Who is Woodford Car Hire?

As South Africa's largest independent car rental company, Woodford Car Hire boasts a fleet of over 1600 vehicles across three core divisions, servicing all major airports and urban centres. The company's record of service excellence speaks to its core mandate of innovation and consumer-focused value, offering the widest available range of vehicles at affordable rates.

After 25 years, Woodford Car Hire's 'secret sauce' is in providing that personal touch only a family-owned company can. Plus, they continue to offer the customer success and service standards their consumers deserve.

Their empowerment history and BEE compliance speak to their dedication to transformation in their relationships across government divisions, private industry and the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA).

The challenge: keeping things moving

The Woodford Group's core mandate is to keep people moving! Over the past few years, this new travel economy meant our valuable customers were presented with barrier after barrier when meeting their transport and travel needs.

Whether for growing their businesses or extending their personal horizons through leisure travel, our customers deserve reliable, affordable solutions that speak to their circumstances. After all, at Woodford Car Hire, we believe each customer is unique, and their travel solutions should take that into consideration.

The solution: putting customers first

In this new travel economy, Woodford Car Hire recognised that keeping people moving meant a renewed commitment to addressing and removing any hurdles to that movement.

Our customers expect easy and convenient solutions tailored to their specific challenges. In a nutshell, they want to get on the road and towards their destination with as little fuss as possible. They needed to know that regardless of the circumstances, we had their backs!
For Woodford Car Hire, this meant partnering with Hellopeter For Business to ensure they had a direct, real-time, 24-7/365 connection to customers.
How Woodford Car Hire got to #1 in the car rentals industry on Hellopeter
Bringing Hellopeter's review and online reputation management solutions into our engagement and growth mix allowed us to identify and often anticipate the challenges our customers face. In turn, this allows us to be agile in addressing potential issues before they become major impediments both to our customers and our bottom line.
This focus on the customer, and Hellopeter's comprehensive, data-defined solutions, allows them to constantly review and optimise their internal approaches and iron out creases with not only reactive interventions but proactive ones.
Partnering with Hellopeter and actively managing our consumer-review community allowed us to devise a system that quickly gauges what's working and what's not, what's keeping people moving and what's slowing them down. As with any service-based business, knowing what our customers feel, want, and experience is key. And, in our experience, Hellopeter is the market leader in helping businesses serious about customer-focused growth achieve their potential.

The results

Average rating: 3.81 from 1903 reviews
Woodford Car Hire Net Promoter Score: 33
Woodford Car Hire Trust Index: 8.9 out of 10

Woodford Car Hire is currently ranked: #1 in Car Rentals

Through their unwavering commitment to managing their review and customer feedback base, they've succeeded in identifying the most common and potentially serious barriers to their customers' success, allowing them to be proactive in addressing issues and concerns.

Woodford Car Hire's proven dedication to 'the customer' and Hellopeter's optimised growth-focused solutions allow our team to consistently monitor potential pressure points and connect us to real-time specifics about what our customers think and feel about our service. This has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from the competition, as we can demonstrate that with Woodford, high-end customer service is non-negotiable.
Unlocking growth by tapping into your consumer-review community is, of course, each individual business's responsibility.
In our opinion, partnering with Hellopeter -South Africa's leading reputation and review management company avoids expensive mistakes and allows your business to offer customers the type of service that will keep them coming back for more! And because we're now plugged directly into the conversations customers are having, staff are far more conscious, our marketing is far more targeted and decision-making systems and infrastructure are far more data-driven.
How Woodford Car Hire got to #1 in the car rentals industry on Hellopeter

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14 Jun 2022 12:07