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Savanna gets spicy with Nando's

Savanna, South Africa's favourite cider, shares a chuckle with another super brand, Nando's, to launch an innovative cider flavour, Chilled Chilli. If social media reactions are anything to go by, the Savanna and Nando's combination is a winner.

The Savanna brand is not shy to do things a little differently, so, for the launch of the brand’s spicy variant, ‘Chakalaka Norris’ the TVC and campaigns’ protagonist, is the spiciest celebrity in town. How spicy? So spicy he has no qualms about tucking into a delicious and spicy Nando's chicken in a Savanna ad.

Savanna gets spicy with Nando's

Devised by WPP Liquid for client Distell, and directed by Peter Pohorsky of Plank Film Productions. “South Africa has been holding out for a hero and Chakalaka Norris might just be that guy. Unless he’s busy that day,” explains Fran Luckin, chief creative officer, Grey Advertising Africa.

Savanna gets spicy with Nando's

Now at all major liquor outlets, the new Savanna Chilled Chilli is available in a 330ml bottle. Best served chilled, it delivers the crisp, dry premium cider experience that you know and love, with hints of chilli and ginger

Savanna gets spicy with Nando's

Easily identifiable with a hint of red on the bottle and an alcohol percentage of 5.5%, Savanna Chilled Chilli is the hottest new accessory in stores, bars and taverns across SA.

It's spicy. But chilled.

#SpicyButChilled #SiyavannaSouthAfrica #StaySafe
Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

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23 Mar 2022 10:02