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#OurBestShot a Savanna Premium Cider campaign that talks to the real side effects

Savanna Premium Cider is an unlikely suspect when it comes to promoting vaccination, however that's what the Savanna brand has been doing. Staying true to the brand's humorous take on things, the message lands well without it feeling like a lecture, or being reactive or frightening in any way. As Andy Rice puts it, it's ''subtle, refined and responsible."

Bruce Whitfield called the campaign ‘Marvellous, Marvellous’. Steph van Niekerk, creative director at WPP Liquid / Grey explains that “Savanna doesn’t have the credibility to talk about the vaccine in medical terms, but we very much can speak about it in human terms. We wanted to show the everyday benefits of the vaccine and portray them as the side-effects we can expect. As a brand we wanted to do our bit and if this video made one person think of the vaccine differently, then it is worth it,” says Steph van Niekerk.

The campaign, #OurBestShot, is aimed at communicating that if you take the vaccine and have increased immunity to Covid-19, so many things become possible again. These are the positive side effects – hugging, travelling, socialising. “Our idea was to create a content piece that celebrates these – what we like to call the real side-effects of the vaccine. It is indeed #OurBestShot to get back to “normal” and to do those things we’ve all been missing.

Savanna Premium Cider RTD category lead, Maija-Liina Hansen-Chipps says "Covid-19 vaccines were made available in South Africa since early 2021, and whilst we support freedom of choice to take the vaccine, we also believe it is #OurBestShot to steer our nation through this pandemic and our strongest opportunity to help end this pandemic. The World Health Organisation supports safe and effective vaccines as a game-changing tool. The vaccination is still not a ticket out when it comes to wearing your mask, washing your hands, and practising social distancing and all South Africans should still follow these rules”.

She further explains, “Savanna Premium Cider, as a brand has a strong affinity with our South African consumers – #SiyavannaSA, and we are well-poised to support government initiatives with positive messages of hope for the future. We decided to do this by highlighting some of the real side effects around the vaccination programme in true Savanna spirit. We hope this message rings true in the minds of our greater Savanna community and the country as a whole."

#SiyavannaSouthAfrica #StaySafe

#OurBestShot a Savanna Premium Cider campaign that talks to the real side effects

Savanna promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

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12 Aug 2021 12:34